About us

About us

For over 85 years, Interni has been focusing on sale, design and decoration of homes and offices.From our headquarter in Verano Brianza, heart of furniture production “Made in Italy“, to our showrooms in Milan and Bergamo, the Interni Group has carried its brand name with the most eminent Italian and International brands of furniture and design.Interni’s business philosophy is to change each environment into a new concept of living following needs and styles of those who lives there. A way of thinking Interior design taking care of the layout of expositions in each of the 10 showrooms of Interni Group offering the best “tailor made” service.Preciousness in the selection of pieces, in the selection of the materials, solutions made with creativity, all with the highest attention to brands and to clients: from every point of view, Interni represents a choice of a good quality service.The mission of Interni can be summed up in a few, basic coordinates:
Improve the quality of life of individuals and businesses, translating the needs and desires of customers in high-profile projects and products;
Offer to the public the “first choice” of the best companies within the industry;
Ensure a tailored service from the projecting, to installation, to the Customer Care.
Who chooses Interni chooses the safety to make the home and the work environment more comfortable, safer, more beautiful. It is a choice of value intended to be renewed over time.

History & Origins

Interni’s history began in 1933, when Leonardo Cazzaniga, founder of the company, assisted by his wife Giulia Citterio, opened a carpentry shop in Verano, in the heart of Brianza.Soon, between the veins of the finest woods, emerges the idea of proposing prestigious pieces of furniture to a selected clientele, chosen with the expert eye of someone who knows the secrets of this job. Thus begins a long journey with the passion for the finest quality and aesthetics.Over time, the craftsmanship of the origins blends with experience in high-level of interior design and the research of selected partners among the most famous italian and international design companies.So, Interni evolves. First, alongside the historic showroom of Verano Brianza the spacious stores in Milan and Bergamo. And at the beginning of the new millennium, projecting the company and Interni’s know-how worldwide.All this with the utmost fidelity to the founder’s motto: “By improving the living environment improves the quality of life.

Interni’s structure: the strength of network

A strategic position in the heart of the “Made in Italy”. Numerous partnerships with companies and professionals active all over the world.The capillarity of logistics organization that has no competitors.From every point of view, Interni is configured as a network able to provide solutions “tailored” for every need, with an assortment and impeccable service in every situation and at every latitude.Everything, from the “first contact” with the client in each of its stores: a network able to pick up trends and market needs, to build confidence and competence in every context.

Style & Tailoring

The style of each “brand” translates into practice a philosophy based on taste for beautiful things and a passion for their work.
But beyond that, into Interni’s style there is something unique: the human value of men and women who have made the history of this company in the past 85 years.Founders, buyers, designers, and technicians responsible for the logistics and mounting are ready to share at any time and in any context, the love for aesthetics, knowledge of materials and techniques, the efficiency of pro formas and in the management of the orders.
Not to mention the ability to make feel at home who want to make nicer and more hospitable his home, his environment, his workplace.

A unique style. also after the purchasing.

Since its origins Interni has always proved to be not just a furniture store, but a reliable and creative partner to entrust to design any environment.The ad hoc design, the custom built and customization are just some of the keywords that identify the work of Interni, but thanks to carpenters and a team of professionals attentive to every details is able to satisfy your requirement.Whatever your style, your lifestyle, your environment, the size of your space and your personal taste, Interni is able to find and implement the best solution right for you.