Baxter: luxury Made in Italy

Baxter: luxury Made in Italy

The utmost expression of Made in Italy products in the world, Baxter is a company that interprets Anglo-Saxon taste to create unique and timeless furnishings that are appreciated for their exclusive style and the indisputable quality of the materials used. The company draws on the experience of skilled craftsmen who are able to treat raw materials as no other; it all starts with the passion for leather which, since 1990, has allowed furnishings to be produced with the highest quality leather upholstery.

Production has since expanded allowing other materials to be integrated, of equal quality, such as the sophisticated stones used to make tops for tables and small tables, precious metals that undergo special treatments for creating structures and chandeliers, in addition to a wide variety of woods for sideboards and complementary furnishings of all kinds. All this makes Baxter a true luxury company, as the rich finishings paired with timeless design possess an exceptionally high intrinsic (and not) value which makes the objects true works of art.

Chester Moon: one of the best-sellers of the Baxter sofas

As with any self-respecting company, Baxter also has its best-sellers, products that despite the passage of time and trends are always up-to-date and cherished by the public. The best known and sought-after Baxter product is the Chester Moon sofa, an undisputed icon on the international design scene designed by Paola Navone in 2009 following classic patterns accompanied by modern lines. Chester Moon exudes craftsmanship and allure: a design sofa where time-honoured workmanship such as tufted upholstering is combined with current tastes and comforts to create a sofa that will never pale in comparison to new trends. Chester Moon is the perfect sofa for eclectic and refined spaces, owing to the tufting that is also done on the back, making it perfect for the centre of the room.

Baxter Lagos table, a best-seller since 2016

The Lagos table is yet another highly appreciated product that is proving to be very successful. Designed and produced by Baxter in 2016, Lagos is a sculptural object that is one-of-a-kind for its finishes, shape and character. With its oval stone top and base composed of cylinders of different sizes made of MDF and clad in antiqued brass, Lagos is a very balanced and refined table that relies intensely on the aesthetic customization of its materials, making it one of the most beautiful and important objects in the Baxter collection.

Baxter sofas: the best-seller Budapest designed by Paola Navone

To conclude, we find another sofa once again designed by Paola Navone, this time in 2003, and one of the best-sellers from the Brianza company. This is the Budapest sofa, elegant and essential in its forms and amazing for the incredible sense of welcoming and comfort which the seat conveys. Its comfort level is largely attributable to the depth of the seat and the Plume leather upholstery, a very soft natural leather, which becomes even more comfortable and softer giving unique moments of relaxation. With its sober design, Budapest is the ideal sofa for any setting as it fits perfectly in living areas with unique and refined styles as well as more minimal and neutral contexts.

Come discover the Baxter products in Milan and at all our other showrooms. Here you may browse our catalogues for inspiration, take a journey through the materials that have always distinguished this company, and make the spaces of your home unique and impeccably stylish.