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Surround yourself with comfort. A new way of sleeping.

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep”

La Tempesta, William Shakespeare

The mattresses of the line Technogel Sleeping redefine the concept of rest , which is the basis of our physical and mental wellbeing . They are the result of years of research, continuous innovation and passion for design.

The heart of these products is a material that is both solid and liquid: it is able to combine the three-dimensional deformation of a fluid with the memory of a solid material. It’s a perfect combination that allows this material to adapt to the movements of the body like a second skin . It’s a polyurethane-based substance completely non-toxic (it is made without the use of oils or plasticizers) , developed at the beginning in the medical field and  now use in a wide range of applications , thanks to the added value in terms of comfortable .

The Technogel mattress is capable of supporting each part of the body in a balanced manner favoring an excellent ergonomic support , due to its ability to adapt in the three spatial dimensions. Technogel is modeled according to the physical structure of each individual. The pressure is evenly distributed over the entire contact surface favoring a sensible reduction of pressure peaks , and an improvement of the blood circulation .

The grid of Comfort


Here is a quick summary of the added values ​​of this new era of mattress:


It deforms 3-dimensionally and reacts to forces differently than the foam, deforming in all the three directions. Technogel moulds itself to each individual user’s physical structure. Pressure is evenly distributed over the entire contact surface, and this generates a substantial reduction in pressure peaks leading to an improvement in blood circulation.



It’s known in scientific literature, that a decrease in skin temperature reduces the metabolism activity and, therefore, the demand of oxygen from tissues, generating perceivable benefits exactly in the areas already suffering for poor circulation due to pressure. It’s also to be reminded the relationship between temperature and high sleep efficiency, as reported in scientific studies conducted in different sleep centers.



A specific tower design has been developed, to optimize both the ventilation and the 3D deformability of the Technogel. This innovative design has open air channels from a minimum of 23% up to 36% of the top surface (according to the different models) and delivers extraordinary air circulation, also providing optimal moisture conduction. Thanks to its unique thermal properties, Technogel provides an enjoyable cool feeling.



Our body, particularly our spine, needs a support able to adapt to its 3D structure, without causing pain, tissue compression, or improper posture. In order to deepen the biomechanic and ergonomic properties of the Technogel mattress, the Company performed several tests at the “Ergonomie Institut of Munich”, Germany.



Technogel is totally free from volatile agents, so that its components cannot split free or migrate, hence, not causing substance disaggregation. It does not harden or age, but it keeps its elastic and mechanical properties. Tests have demonstrated that it is able to withstand more than 300.000 pressure cycles without deformation that may affect its performances.



During the night slept on the Technogel-based mattress, a statistically significant increases were observed in time spent in non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep stage 3 and 4 (SWS), up to 45%, a decrese of time spent in NREM sleep stage 1 and wake after sleep onset (WASO), up to 33%. Moreover, skin and mattress temperature were lower and bed comfort higher.




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