Collezione Henge 2020 - Preview

Collezione Henge 2020 – Preview

Henge, a company known today internationally for the style and sophistication of its furnishings, was founded in 2007 and immediately came to forefront as the standard bearer of the creativity and craftsmanship typical of Made in Italy products. These are also the distinguishing features of the Henge 2020 Collection, of which we will now present a preview in this in-depth analysis. Spearheaded by Art Director Massimo Castagna, today Henge is an exclusive company that makes craftsmanship the strength on which the entire production pivots. That the company has said “no” to mass production can be deduced simply by looking at the details of one of its objects: the finishes, materials and refinement of its lines are all symptoms of how artisanal know-how is strongly present here and how this consequently influences the creative process which proves to be extremely free and distinguished by a strong formal rigor. With Henge products, the absolute protagonists are the materials, even more so than the object’s design; in this company they take on a fundamental character allowing those who work to give life to unique and inimitable objects that are timelessly stylish. To date, no company is as exclusive and product-conscious as Henge, a company capable of creating its own market share in a very difficult field such as Italian design. Its exclusivity allows it to be daring and to work with very special timing and methods guaranteeing a final result of undeniable value with no possibility of being replicated.

Henge 2020 collection

New products dedicated to amazement and sophistication

For 2020 Henge once more has decided to amaze everyone by introducing two new products as a preview of what the new collection will bring: an ethereal-looking pendant lamp and a side table with a priceless core, both designed by Massimo Castagna. These two accessories lead the way to the world of new items that Henge has in store for the future with the unmistakable taste that has always distinguished its every creation.

The Superb-All lamp, one of the latest developments from Henge 2020

Let’s begin with the Superb-All pendant lamp, a light fixture featuring a highly tactile- looking spherical diffuser, available in different sizes, made of fiberglass clinging to a fine brass tubular frame giving the impression that it floats in the air. Owing to this object’s refinement and equilibrium, Superb-All can be placed in settings with extreme sobriety or can steal the scene if you opt for a solution composed of multiple light fixtures. A lamp which, once lit, diffuses a very pleasant light that immediately brings to mind a certain resemblance to the moon.

The Big Bang Side Table from the Henge 2020 Collection

The delight and beauty of the Henge style are all concentrated in a unique, precious and inimitable accessory: the Big Bang Side Table. Produced by the most experienced and skilled craftsmen, Big Bang impresses with its imperfection of forms which exalt the exquisite value of the materials and enhance the work and skill hidden behind the creation of such an object. The materials, as well as the workmanship, are unique and of great value; just consider that the table top is made of Wild Onyx stone, a special material in limited edition extracted from select blocks. The impression that first comes to mind when looking at the Big Bang is of standing before a true jewel, a rare stone set in a bronze structure processed according to an age-old forging technique which gives it a primordial and exclusive appearance yet is available in different finishes: bronze, brass and silver.

The entire Henge 2020 collection catches the eye with all the special features mentioned above and finds its rightful place in our marvellous Atelier Henge Milano in Via della Spiga 7. Here an apartment fully furnished with products from the Henge collection welcomes guests catapulting them into the magic and beauty of timeless furnishings, where the values and skills of this incredible company can be perceived. This Collection can also be found online on our website or in our showrooms in Milan.