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Baxter sofas: the classic luxury of leather sofas. Furnishing rooms in an elegant and bold way.  

Baxter is certainly one of the first brands to mention when it comes to Made in Italy excellence and interior design. It stands out for its refined and exclusive products: the result of elaborate craftsmanship which creates luxury furniture and furnishings. The products are made for residences and places with sought-after furnishings: spaces where luxury is not just ostentation or desire to stand out, but simply expresses the desire to live in a refined and at the same time captivating and lively environment. The style of the products and projects signed by Baxter fully reflects the spirit of the brand: a design that is a balanced mix of vivacity and elegance, risk and sensuality which often leads to art. The various products and environments created by the brand belong to this dimension: the color combinations, the lines of the furniture and the relocation of the objects give you the feeling of a vanguard museum. The Baxter armchair but also the sofas, beds, tables and all the other accessories have the shape of the everyday object but the spirit of the creative inspiration.
Baxter can afford reaching certain stylistic goals only thanks to its soundness as a company, where those who design work side by side with those who create. Furthermore innovation and the quality of the materials used are among the main strengths of Baxter. In particular one of the distinctive features of the brand is the handcrafted and exclusive leather processing. A process that has been refined over the years by trying to minimize environmental impact and has given rise to various furnishing accessories, first of all sofas and armchairs.
Today Baxter is a brand known all over the world thanks to an exclusive sales network which covers all 5 continents. The most demanding customers with the most refined tastes can enjoy Baxter furnishing thanks also to companies with a global vocation such as Interni. If you are interested in the catalog and prices of Baxter products you can contact us immediately without problems; our experts will process the request as quickly as possible.

Baxter sofas and armchair: the leather excellence

The Baxter sofas together with the armchair and other upholstered items are one of the brand’s most famous products. The main material used is leather processed with handcrafted but cutting-edge techniques. The company has been actively involved since the beginning of the process and carefully chooses only the finest leather. The main care during the processing is keeping the natural qualities intact: elasticity, resistance, transpiration. The best experts of the craft industry use millennial processing techniques for the tanning of these precious materials. The final result is a product that embodies the perfect combination between the precision of the machine and the care of the craftsman. Only in this way it is possible to create exceptional sofas and armchairs.The collaboration with world-renowned designers who have signed numerous Baxter collections was necessary in order to add excellence to a product already magnificent by its nature. 

Baxter beds are the main protagonists of the interior design: essential furniture if you want to create a modern and original bedroom. The beds stand out for the neutral shade colors, but still strong, vivid and decisive. This element offers the possibility of placing the beds in rooms with a relaxed and calm mood or in more creative rooms that represent a place of rest and inspiration. Baxter beds adapt to any imagined environment with the certainty that they will make the room elegant, lively and bright according to the unmistakable Baxter style.

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