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Expanding talent and ideas: there is no limit to creativity

B&B Italia has always guided its work towards the future. It is seen as a temporal space, whose limits are creativity and innovation: as long as these two elements are able to expand, through the proposal of new ideas and an in-depth design study, the prospects for the future will always be excellent.

Since the foundation in 1966, this way of thinking is clearly visible and deeply-rooted; Piero Ambrogio Busnelli starts the business in collaboration with Cesare Cassina in a period when the furniture sector is still linked to craftsmanship. Busnelli’s intuition stands out for its ability to develop new production techniques, including in particular the injection molding, technology that allows assembling furniture and furnishing elements in a more practical way. The first years of activity are also those that witnessed the fulfillment of Busnelli’s further intuition: the technology of cold polyurethane foamed in molds, to be applied in the production of sofas and other upholstered furniture.
The creative laboratory is still a part of the Research and Development Center, that welcomed Giorgio Busnelli in 1973, son of Piero Ambrogio, at his debut in the company taken over entirely by his father in that year. The activity of the Research and Development Center is expressed through the valuable collaborations with international designers: B&B Italia focuses on the investment of substantial human resources; close-knit designers combine their talent to spread the identity of the company in the most creative way, already well-established but always ready to welcome international influences.
Thinking about the future also means thinking about customer’s comfort, the well-being he must enjoy over the years. This is accomplished through a technical-scientific research that combines design with ergonomics and the practical use of furnishing elements, as well as the improvement of production processes while respecting the environment.
B&B Italia promotes a culture based on awareness towards professional ethics and eco-sustainability.

B&B Italia Catalog: proposals of shared individuality

In the B&B Italia sofas collection we find Amoenus, a line of upholstered furniture created by Antonio Citterio that holds its essence in the name: locus amoenus (pleasant, wonderful place) represents in romantic literature a space where the individual can find himself, far from the rules imposed by public life and socialization, a place where one is able to rediscover the sense of belonging to nature; for the romantics, the landscape is understood as a representation made up of individual elements, each with its own uniqueness, that come together in an overall vision, embracing the man as an integral part. For B&B Italia, creating furniture in this perspective means knowing how to propose products that perfectly match with the space in which the customer has decided to settle.Here the products of Amoenus line, from linear to angular sofas or chaise longues, to circular and swivel ones are designed to furnish living rooms of various styles, with settings that can also be customized through other furnishing elements.  The individuality is also re-proposed by the Terminal 1 chaise longue which, thanks to its name and aspect, recalls the emblematic benches present in the waiting rooms of an airport, where an ideal lone traveler would stop before taking his flight. The small support extension transform this bench furniture item into a chaise longue chair and makes you think about a well-deserved rest.

The B&B Italia empire of armchairs and beds

Richard bed, also inspired by designer Antonio Citterio, consists of a high-end that supports the entire perimeter of the bed. This element highlights the mattress placed above it, recreating the podium of a throne. Also in this case the name and shape of the furnishing item are eloquent: elegance and splendor are the masters in a room whose bed bears the name of Richard the Lionheart, an ancient ruler of England.The armchairs are another way of expressing the creativity of the designers who collaborate with the company, as in the case of Love Papilio: it represents the impulse of the flight of a butterfly, “papilio” in Latin. Among the B & B Italia chairs we find Husk, which expresses comfort at first sight: consisting of cushions divided into parts it invites you to take a seat and immediately abandon yourself to relaxation.Interni is one of the B&B Italia dealers who will be able to guide you in choosing the best furnishing accessories that suits your needs. Contact us for more information on prices and complete offer.

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