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In the Milan’s fashion district, we have the exclusive showroom Ceccotti Collections in Milan.

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Ceccotti Collezioni

Ceccotti Collezioni furniture has a design that aims to lead objects back to a tradition, a story, but without the ostentation of industrial geometries and aesthetic frivolities.

Ceccotti Collezioni is a prestigious brand, known all over the world for the excellent quality of products made of wood: chairs, tables, furniture, sofas and other furnishing accessories. Wood is the central thread that binds the products and the different collections. The company has a long history behind: it was officially founded in 1988 thanks to Franco Ceccotti and in 2014 it was largely acquired by Poltrona Frau Group. Today it operates mainly through an international network of retailers and only 2 exclusive monobrand stores, one in Milan (the showroom is managed by Interni) and one in London. The acquisition by Poltrona Frau has allowed Ceccotti Collezioni to also take advantage of its commercial platform, a factor that has certainly offered the brand an advantage, but not entirely in commercial terms. In fact, the union between the two brands was also aesthetic: the excellence of leather and wood brought together. The customer can choose the material he prefers to furnish the house, with the certainty of having only the best of both.
The exceptional quality of Ceccotti products is given first and foremost by the material used: wood, processed in all its shades. Since the beginning, the flagship of the brand has always been the wooden home furniture. In fact, when the “brand” did not officially exist, there was Ceccotti Aviero founded in 1956 in Cascina, a small town between Florence and Pisa. Ceccotti was born on a basis of a small reality: the design and production of various objects of furniture had a mainly handcrafted dimension. In fact, the company hired highly qualified people, wood experts trained in a prestigious School of Art, which prepared highly specialized designers and carpenters.
The typical care and attention of the artisans have never abandoned Ceccotti: these are the main factors that still influence the entire production today. New shapes and materials were experimented and limits of design were explored during the years of the international growth and expansion of the brand, but never abandoning their vocation of luxury craftsmanship. Ceccotti Collezioni furniture is created for those who want unique environments, contemporary furnishings, but with sinuous and refined shapes. To receive more information and discover the price list, contact us immediately for an estimate with no obligation.

Ceccotti furniture, a unique style

Ceccotti furniture represents exclusive furnishing accessories thanks to the high quality materials used and the refined design. One of the factors that have always been the signature of Ceccotti Collezioni is the desire to experiment: the desire to explore the immense fields of design, trying to combine functionality and aesthetics, but still giving a contemporary cut to the products.Since the beginning the company does not allow itself to be influenced too much by the trends of the time, indeed being a stylistic innovator compared to the other brands. The courage and passion for challenges lead the company to numerous collaborations with different designers and architects, thus influencing the development and growth. Today’s collections are influenced by the past, from which they absorbed the spirit.The furniture is a designer product cared for in every detail, with an original design, the result of well-structured studies and complex shapes. Ceccotti aims to lead objects back to a tradition, whether to its own story or one rooted in other cultures. For the company, furniture and other furnishing accessories are means to spread their values, such as the search for beauty, curiosity towards what is different and the courage to follow new paths.

Prestigious Collaborations

There are many designers who collaborated with Ceccotti Collezioni. Among the very first there is the “postmodern” architect Paolo Portoghesi who leads the company towards a more contemporary style. Nevertheless, the first collection that can be defined as contemporary is the one created by the collaboration of Franco Ceccotti and designer Roberto Lazzaroni, Dedos Tenidos: a collection that brings forth the surrealistic influences of Gaudì, Molino and the Scandinavian design.The continuous desire to experiment transforms the collections of the brand into a sort of launching platform for different designers destined to become the “stars” of this sector, like Christophe Pillet and Jaime Hayon. Franco Ceccotti, an entrepreneur with an innovative spirit, has never stopped seeking inspiration; he has continued to collaborate with top designers, such as Francesco M. Andrenelli, Hiroko Ashihara, Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, Jeannot Cerutti, Cecilia Del Guerra, Noé Duchaufour -Lawrance, Massimo Castagna and André Dubreuil.A trend that certainly does not want to reverse, but on the contrary: Today, Ceccotti Collezioni still collaborates with many designers with different tastes, aiming to explore the most diverse visions.

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