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An intertwinement of fibers and destinies that has led to success

We think of Robert Dekeyser, founder of Dedon, as an author: his narratological plot could start from a meeting with a Filipino entrepreneur from Cebu Island at a fair in Cologne. It was 1991, when Dekeyser focused on another intertwinement: that of the rattan fiber. Thanks to his Filipino mentor, he succeeded in materializing his vision of outdoor furniture, based on the creation of furniture elements in woven synthetic fiber.
Thinking again of Robert Dekeyser as a narrator, he could describe us with a flashback the moment when he decided to abandon his promising career as a professional goalkeeper to be an entrepreneur. A nature of an extreme defender, who may have never abandoned it. Protector of the company’s own ideals, motivator of the expert team and extremely intuitive personality: Dekeyser is able to turn every “curve ball” of their opponents into an opportunity to show off his entrepreneurial talent.
Dedon reflects the nature of its founder. Highest level quality and values are highlighted by an award-winning portfolio, which offers outdoor furniture with an innovative design. Excellence derives from very strict standards, followed by every stage of the production process: the secret of success is a close-knit teamwork.
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Dedon outdoor, external projections of inner worlds

Dedon furnishings aim to make outdoor domestic environments live according to the ideal of inclusion. Inclusion in the natural background surrounding the house but also inclusion from the social relationships point of view. The objective is to offer guests the opportunity to feel part of a close-knit group, to feel at home, because “home” is not just four walls, but the set of stories that we live every day: the intertwinement that binds us more to one person than to another. A significance hidden in the woven fiber of Dedon sofas: modular lounges with comfortable and extended seating, suitable to host a large group of friends, as well as a big and united family. MU is the product of Toan Nguyen’s inspiration, a Zen collection whose meaning is “reduced to pure essence” The purpose is to resume the setting of the indoor furnishing elements and reduce the volumes to adapt to open spaces: the legs of MU Dedon modules give lightness and momentum towards a dimension in line with the Zen philosophy.

Dedon outdoor furniture, in contact with nature

Nature, boundless and majestic, is able to make the human being feel lost in front of so much immensity and charm. We often want to immerse ourselves in this pleasant melancholy sensation, needing to find answers to questions we never knew we had in mind. Dedon has thought about how to accompany us gradually in this dimension, through the exhortation of some sessions. Mbrace collection by designer Sebastian Herkner combines the soft embrace of the fiber with a solid teak base. An invitation to wander with the mind while remaining well anchored to the ground.

Dedon furniture: outdoor design symbols

Dedon has established itself above all thanks to the creation of iconic unique products. Each designed to give substance to a feeling, to a mental condition.
Nestrest, for example, embodies the shell and the sense of protection that every individual seeks when he feels the need to be alone with himself. A private dimension, but with eyes on the world: from every angle you can observe what is around, while remaining hidden by the elaborate weave of the suspended swing.
The Leaf beach lounger is also unique: with its gentle and curved lines, it offers lightness to body and mind; whoever lies there will have the sensation of being a leaf carried by the wind or, better, by the sea breeze.

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