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Nestled in the world capital of Design, the first Exteta monobrand showroom is opening in partnership with Interni Design Experience.

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Exteta creates outdoor furniture products. It transforms the outdoor into a completely absorbing experience of aesthetics and functionality.

The house, with its spaces and its rooms is a place where life takes shape. The indoor furniture must be functional to facilitate the everyday life, while the design must take care of the aesthetic side in order to brighten the most intense days. The garden and the outdoor spaces instead are places where life can take a break, where it is finally allowed to relax, lying gently on a comfortable bed, immersed in the outside world. Exteta has decided to be a part of this setting with its products. The brand designs and manufactures sofas, chairs, beds, kitchens, tables and other outdoor furnishing accessories. The space surrounding the Exteta house creates refined and original environments, open-air interiors, unique islands where you can rest and enjoy nature.
The chairs like all Exteta products are immediately recognizable: the design is functional and the furnishing accessories are characterized by unique aesthetic qualities. In fact, Exteta furnishings are not created for mass production, but for a nearly handcraft production: the customization allows you to create unique objects, even aesthetically. The production upon request influences the design choices of a specific product: the aim is to transform an objective need into a fulfilled desire for beauty. The custom experience meets the need of the customer, the fulcrum of every project, but at the same time stimulates the creativity of designers, who can experiment with shapes and materials, contour the space and overcome the limits of nature, but without forcing.
The pursuit of excellence, the careful and accurate selection of materials and the quality of the final product, are the elements that distinguish Exteta and place it among the brands that proudly represent the Made in Italy style worldwide.
Exteta outdoor furniture satisfies the desire for an outdoor place to relax, where you can find the lost tranquility, where you can forget your everyday life. Environments with a contemporary yet elegant style, created to meet customer’s needs. If you are interested in furnishing projects and the prices of Exteta sofas and other products we recommend you to contact us for more information.

Exteta outdoor furniture

The interior design can afford to be innovative, bold and sometimes even forward: inside the house, in certain rooms, it must be stimulated and inspired, and the furniture style makes its contribution. The colors of the furniture can be strong, while the lines can be hard and unusual: creativity comes from details that are unique to each person.On the contrary, the desire for relaxation prevails outside, the search for an inner tranquility, a place where peace is the main protagonist. The furniture must reflect this need, therefore colors with delicate shades prevail and natural materials, like wood are preferred.Exteta pays the utmost attention to the quality of this material; after all it is born in a craft workshop, in the heart of Brianza, considered by some to be the homeland of beauty. In this area, in fact, there is a strong culture and a tradition of cabinet-making. Each piece of wood is carefully examined, and each element that will compose a piece of furniture is cut and assembled with extreme care. Finally, aware of the features of the wood, every additional decorative element is weighed in every aspect, paying attention also to the ecological aspect.

Exteta designers: high-profile collaborations

The pursuit of excellence and the desire to create unique environments and products have led the company to cultivate prestigious collaborations, with internationally renowned designers such as Massimo CastagnaGae AulentiPaolo BonazziLudovica, Roberto Palomba.For over 10 years the brand collaborated with Massimo Castagna who created 10th, a collection that has distinguished itself for innovation, uniqueness and that has been able to create a new dimension of the outdoor. With this collection, Massimo Castagna has brought out some indoor functions, completely reinterpreting the outdoor, thus creating unique emotions and surprising experiences. To further enhance the collection the brand uses materials such as: brass, leather, stones, and solid wood. The union of these materials has created a new aesthetic dimension. Unique shapes and materials, which have been able to fully express the values of Exteta.

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