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Flexform produces sofas, beds and armchairs. The company is characterized by a sober elegance represented by essential shapes and soft, never showy materials.

Flexform Arredamenti enters the world of Made in Italy design during the first years of the extraordinary cultural season that gave birth to Italian design. Active since 1959, over time, thanks to its extraordinary experience and expertise, Flexform has been able to adapt to the different stylistic changes of the design.
Actually, today it is considered an indispensable point in the contemporary furniture field: those who love this style cannot overlook its products.
In particular the wide range of Flexform sofas is very popular. Among the most appreciated is the famous Flexform Groundpiece sofa designed by Antonio Citterio in 2001 and recreated 10 years later. Another well-known model is Flexform Long Island 05, a modular sofa that made history.
In addition to the sofas, the selection of Flexform beds, is also wide, with a contemporary and elegant design: the perfect product that gives a modern look and good taste to the bedroom.
In the design world, Flexform is also known for its armchairs, accessories, beds, furniture and above all sofas: soft islands made up of many elements with different sizes designed for flexibility, which radically changed the way they fit together and occupy a space.
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Flexform: luxury sofas

The strong point of the company is without a doubt the production of sofas: elegant and contemporary, Flexform sofas are much appreciated by the admirers of this style.In fact, those who choose Flexform look for a real contemporary product: sober and uniform colors, clean lines and innovative combinations of materials.The high quality of the final product consists of two elements that represent the basis of companies such as Flexform: stylistic research and quality of materials and workmanship.Over the years the company has acquired a great experience in creating everything related to the world of sofas, perfecting itself even more.Today the catalog presents, in addition to classic chairs, everything that can be found in a living room, such as modular sofasarmchairssmall armchairs and pouf. It is possible to create real living islands.Among the most requested are the modular sofas, appreciated for their versatility: with just a few elements you can create the desired seat. A good example is the Groundpiece sofa, one of the undisputed bestseller of the Flexform production: an abacus of elements makes it possible to transform the sofa into a pouf, chaise longue or container shelf.The high flexibility of Flexform modular sofas makes them very popular.
Thanks to the countless possibilities of combinations, they can easily adapt to any type of space. Adda sofa and Pleasure sofa are exemplifying and among the most loved.

Flexform: Antonio Citterio

One of the strong points of Flexform is the high stylistic quality, which makes it one of the reference brands when it comes to contemporary furniture. This was achieved due to a continuous search for style, carried forward by the company, but also thanks to the collaboration with numerous designers of a certain caliber, including Cini Boeri, Joe ColomboPaolo NavaCarlo Colombo and Giulio Manzoni.The main collaborator and designer of Flexform collections in the last 40 years is architect Antonio Citterio. Thanks to his intuitions and continuous research, the architect has always managed to give life and shape to the stylistic values of the brand.
Among the iconic and most successful products he designed is the A.B.C. armchair, selected as part of ADI Design Index in 2015. One of the undisputed symbols of the company. 

Give life to products

The mission of Antonio Citterio was mainly to give life to Flexform products: the shapes, materials and colors created unique products, not only simple furnishing objects but products designed for an environment of a certain prestige. In fact, the architect has always worked thinking about a family of products, not about single objects: the products are developed starting from a careful analysis of the home environment in which they are placed and of the architecture of the space.Even today, Antonio Citterio is a priceless collaborator for the company; the dialog between the two is always open for a continuous exchange of ideas and visions. A look always focused on innovation and projected into the future.

The Flexform style: sober elegance

Among the various styles of furniture, surely Flexform fits into the contemporary one. The geometric shapes, the light and soft colors and light wefts make all the products perfectly in line with today’s trends, indeed with an eye to the future: the new collections are a reference of style, a source of inspiration to collect the new trends in design and interior design.The products have always stood out for their sober elegance. The brand is characterized by essential shapes and soft materials. The concept of luxury and elegance that inspires is the minimal one. Excess, redundancy and free abundance are away from the company’s values.Flexform sofas, beds and armchairs are immediately recognizable by a careful eye. They are effort style products, in other words, with a style without pomp. They are designed and manufactured for visually quiet, moderate environments, where light and neutral colors prevail: the key words are good taste and aesthetic elegance.The final result is an elegant, refined environment, where the senses find both visual and tactile comfort: a place where you can relax in complete serenity.

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