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“Making light” by experiencing the emotional expressions of a magical and sophisticated enigmatic entity

Flos is defined by Made in Italy design and technology, a prestigious company in the field of lighting, at an international level. Founded in Merano in 1962, it offers a wide range of products, including its own collection of indoor and outdoor lamps
Light is that entity that passes through objects and is reflected in our eyes, carrying all the information about our visual perception. It goes through everything and everyone; it is the energy that propagates at extreme speed by relating objects and people: it creates bonds and transmits emotions. Flos lamps combine all these features of the light in the study of new shapes, with the aim of creating fully furnished environments both in shape and essence.
The desire for innovation has allowed Flos to develop a series of technological skills over time, in addition to giving them a boost towards bold choices.
The experiments have never been lacking, since the beginning; in the 1950s, the two founders Dino Gavina and Cesare Cassina inserted the cocoon into production, thanks to the collaboration with Arturo Eisenkeil. The latter, a small producer of Merano, is inspired by the curious use of the cocoon resin seen in the United States and decides to use it on metal lampshades. Another important collaboration of this period is that with Castiglioni brothers.
In the 1960s the headquarters moved to Brescia under the leading of Sergio Gandini, who decided together with Cassina to try the international experience; this is proven by the opening of a branch in Germany within a few years.
The 1980s saw the involvement of a growing number of designers, in line with the strategies of Piero Gandini, Sergio’s son. In particular, the collaboration with Philippe Starck leads to a great turning point: his creation Miss Sissi Flos becomes in a few days one of the best-selling products ever.
The 1990s are marked by the need to create products with new lines, able to communicate through innovative languages: the brand starts towards the creation of expressive objects, able to assert its own identity. This is materialized by the collaboration with Jasper Morrison, who creates the Glo-Ball collection. The family concept begins to express itself linked to the mass production of elements distinguished by type of use, but still recognizable among them.
Finally, the new millennium meets the application of LED technology.
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Flos pendent lamps: draw with lights

Among the pendent lamps the one with the most daring design is definitely String Light Flos, designed by Michael Anastassiades. This group of lights is clearly recognizable by the straight lines drawn through the suspension wire; the geometric combinations are endless: after all a straight line is by definition an infinite set of points. The head, cone or ball, is coated with soft touch paint, while the light has an adjustable intensity thanks to the dimmer function, also in remote version.Another amazing intuition of the Londoner designer is Arrangements: this line of pendent lamps is inspired by the concept of light as a jewel that embellishes the rooms; the term pendent, in addition to designating a type of chandeliers, can also refer to an earrings model. It is a composition of several geometric elements chained together, in a perfect balance of shapes that shine in unison.

A Flos Snoopy table lamp to wander with imagination

Among the proposals, the Flos catalog offers also table lamps: Snoopy was created by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni being inspired by the dog of the comic strips by Charles M. Schulz. This object offers cheerfulness and light heartedness to home environments that require moments of creativity and relaxation; it perfectly furnishes the study desk, used for pleasant readings or for creating whimsical drawings.

Flos floor lamps: a refined architecture

The clean and elegant design of Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni manifests itself perfectly through Arco, the floor lamp designed in 1962 that still seduces with its finely slender and almost immaterial shape. The Arco Flos lamp stands out also for its precious base in white Carrara marble, with light veins tending to black that perfectly match, recalling the color, with the telescopic stem in satin stainless steel.Another sensational idea regarding the Flos floor lamps is Chrysalis; the name describes the sinuous shapes that recall those of a chrysalis, a prelude to the metamorphosis of a butterfly: an intrinsic meaning, which expresses the will of transformation and change, both inside one’s home and in one’s inner self.

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