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Beds, sofas and quality furnishing accessories for the sleeping area.

Flou is a worldwide famous brand thanks to the high quality of its simply excellent beds due to the materials used and the refined look available for every need. Since its launch in 1978, the company has wanted to revolutionize the concept of “sleeping” by promoting a real “culture of sleep”. The belief that sleeping well definitely improves the quality of life is the basis of the production of beds, mattresses, sofas and other furnishing accessories for the sleeping area.
The brand considers the bedroom as the most important room of the house: it is the place dedicated to rest, relaxation, and to your own self. Daily stress, anxieties and worries should remain outside this space: this can happen if furniture allows it.
The room dedicated to nocturnal rest must have certain features such as delicate colors, intriguing transparencies and light textures. Flou attributes great value to these elements; its beds are created taking into account all the psychological implications in order to allow a healthy rest.
Moreover, the founder of the company Rosario Messina considers that the bedroom is the fulcrum of the whole house and the bed is the place where the future is created: where the couple and the family are born. This is why all Flou collections aim for excellence. The entire process is supervised closely by the company, from stylistic and technological research to implementation: the final product must be of unique quality.
Flou collections include different furnishing elements for the sleeping area and not only. The beds are the most famous pieces but we must also point out the wide range of textiles such as mattresses and pillows for beds and sofas. Other pieces of furniture include: sofas, armchairs, bedside tables, storage units, desks and much more. For more information on the collections and prices of Flou products please contact us by filling out the form; we will be happy to meet your requests.

Flou beds

Flou beds are available in many models which adapt to the most varied needs of people. The collection includes classic single beds and double beds, as well as convertible beds. Not to mention the other seats such as sofas and sofa beds. Flou offers a wide choice for night or afternoon rest. All products are also customizable according to your stylistic needs: the company offers a wide range of finishes, both for wood and for fabrics and leathers.The company devotes great space to research thanks to its philosophy. Studies and experiments have led to the development of Total Body, a bed system that allows the individual a complete rest both for his personal well-being and for health. This particular system consists of various elements that are combined so as to allow the body an absolute rest, eliminating the accumulated anxiety and stress. All these thanks to the special attention paid to the microclimate and microcirculation which brings immediate benefits to the body.The Total Body system of Flou beds is the ideal solution for those looking for an elegant bed that also allows a quality rest. Contact us immediately by filling out the form in order to receive more information on the beds and on the wide range of Flou mattresses and cushions. 

Flou Sofas

Flou sofas, like the beds are also made in such a way as to allow people an adequate rest even if limited in time. Compared to others, Flou sofas are characterized by comfort and relaxation as well as appearance: a design analyzed and researched, suitable for an environment that requires a contemporary and elegant style with regard to furniture. Finally, Flou sofas are also distinguished by ergonomics and strength.Tay modular sofa signed by Massimo Castagna must be mentioned among the different sofas. The sofa consists of 4 basic modules: the wide possibility of customization is precisely the distinctive element of this item. The living room is in fact one of the most important areas of the house, a place for meetings and intimate relaxation. Tay allows you creating the sofa according to your needs thanks to the flexible combinations. You can choose between a linear or angled sofa, with or without backrests, lounge-chair and much more. The offer is more than ample even with regard to upholstery: you can choose between fabric, leather or Dollaro Faux Leather.If you have any other needs, we suggest browsing the complete catalog of Flou sofas, and you will surely find the ideal seat for your environment. To receive more information on sofa prices and furniture proposals signed by Interni, please fill out the form for an estimate with no obligation.

Nathalie Flou bed: design by Vico Magistretti

We cannot fail to mention one of the best known items among the different Flou beds: the Nathalie bed.Created by the famous designer and architect Vico Magistretti (1920-2006), this bed can be defined as the forefather of textile beds: the characterizing element is the tassel in the headboard, an unmistakable style detail for a careful eye.The Nathalie bed has a padded headboard covered with a material chosen between fabric, leather or eco-leather; furthermore each material can be customized with a wide range of colors, so that the bed reflects its style in every aspect. It should also be underlined that the upholstery is completely removable thanks to practical Velcro closures: in this way it is possible to customize the bed in every detail.Among the high-end elements of the bed we must mention the reclining headboard made possible thanks to a manual mechanism, the possibility of also choosing the “container bed” option for those with space problems, and finally a truly ingenious element the spring with electric movement. Each of these ingenious details has made the Nathalie bed an icon of design appreciated by designers but above all loved by customers for its versatility. 

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