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Minotti sofas and armchairs are among the most appreciated products: 100% Made in Italy luxury furniture.

Minotti Arredamenti was founded in the Fifties, as a result of Alberto Minotti’s intuition. After an artisanal beginning, the company soon organizes and takes on the characteristics of the large-scale industry. In the Seventies, the sons of Alberto, Renato and Roberto, made an effort to expand the brand, thus succeeding in exporting products abroad, where they immediately met the approval of the design world.
The strong point of the brand has always been the combination between tradition and technology. The fast development and transformation into a large company have not affected the essence of Minotti: the artisan knowledge perfects a product born from the most modern mechanization.
Contemporaneity, comfort, reliability and durability have contributed to the transformation of the company in one of the main operators in the production and sale of upholstered furniture and furniture dedicated to a sophisticated clientele: Minotti sofas and armchairs are the symbol of elegance and quality, together with furniture and all other furnishing accessories.
Minotti sofas and armchairs are among the most popular and appreciated products: excellent and exclusive pieces that represent the final stage of a creative process characterized by innovation and continuous research. The stylistic path is guided by Roberto Dordoni, one of the most important names of today’s world of architecture.
The final product, beside its excellent design, is also distinguished by the high quality, refinement and exclusivity of the materials used. The fabrics are made entirely by using only sophisticated and structured wefts. The selection is wide and includes: cotton, velvet, linen, chenille and cashmere used by Minotti to cover and sartorially tailor its own upholstery. As for leather, Minotti can also create customized products, thanks to the study of innovative colors and tanning.
Minotti furniture is perfect for luxury environments, where the required quality standards are high. Interni is able to satisfy every request regarding Minotti’s collections, from the simple living room to the design of new environments.
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Minotti Sofas

The most popular products are without a doubt Minotti sofas, equivalent of the Made in Italy quality and excellence. The collections are renewed every year, to always be able to comply with the refined tastes of the clientele used to be surprised every year. The modern and refined style of the brand gives life to luxury environments: an essential design for prestigious living rooms.Among the most popular pieces are the HamiltonWhiteAllenPowell and Andersen sofas. The Andersen sofas collection is a perfect balance of proportions. Its strength lies in the shapes and care of every detail. A sofa that stands out for its sober elegance: a combination of design and classicality, perfect for modern environments with a minimal-chic taste.Those who love a more contemporary style should definitely discover Minotti Powell sofas: a comfortable, refined and casual collection, designed for those who prefer relaxation and serenity.Also worthy of mention is the Minotti Hamilton collection: a flexible and dynamic seating system. These sofas are the perfect example of Minotti’s style: a combination of innovation and craftsmanship, created thanks to the continuous research of innovative technological contents and new tailoring details. The strong point of the collection is the continuous evolution, a genuine characteristic of the brand.

Minotti armchairs, exclusive design

Some other highly appreciated products are the armchairs. Like all furnishing accessories signed by Minotti, these upholstered furniture have an exclusive design, totally Made in Italy.Among the various armchairs, two of the best known are the Minotti Blake-Soft and Jensen armchairs. The first chair is characterized by a curvy line that softens the profile. In addition, a further softness is given by the goose down quilt that covers the inside of the armchair: details that make the seat very comfortable.

Jensen armchair

The Jensen armchair is a combination of design and comfort. It represents the perfect balance between the most advanced technology and the tradition of the Italian school. The technical and stylistic details guarantee stability and give the environment a prestigious elegance.The quality of the armchairs, and of all products, shines through in every detail, meticulously cared for. The secret lies in the materials used for the textile collections, meticulously selected and processed.Thanks to the close collaboration with Minotti, Interni offers a highly professional design service, both for the sale and after-sales service.

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