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Artisan tradition and technological innovation: Molteni furniture is the highest expression of Made in Italy  

Angelo Molteni founded the company with the same name in 1934, in Giussano, in the heart of Brianza. Since its beginnings, despite being more like a craft workshop than a company, Molteni focuses on the quality of the product. It is not enough to know how to do it, but it is necessary to take care of every detail and examine every flaw: excellence becomes an obsession for the company.
Today Molteni&C is an industrial group specialized in the furniture sector. The group consists of four large companies, also very well known in the field of interior design: Molteni&C S.p.A. specialized in home furniture, Unifor S.p.A., which designs office furniture, Dada S.p.A., focused on kitchen furniture and Citterio S.p.A., which designs home and office furniture.
Despite becoming a multinational company, the soul of Molteni&C is still strongly linked to the artisan values of the beginning. Today it is logically no longer possible to produce exclusive furnishing elements in a workshop dimension; nevertheless the craft spirit has been kept in order to meticulously evaluate the materials, the precision of the finishes and the customization of the products. Today, Molteni furnishings are the synthesis of craftsmanship and technological innovation. Thanks to continuous technical research, the company has been able to continue experimenting with cutting-edge solutions that are able to express precision and craftsmanship.
Thanks to the specialties of the four companies, Molteni&C is able to supply furnishing accessories for almost every room in the house. Molteni&C modular systems, sofas, wardrobes and other furnishing accessories decorate the interiors of homes and offices all over the world.
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Molteni beds: love for aesthetics

Molteni beds are created only with exclusive materials and cutting-edge technologies that are able to materialize the innovative concepts of the designers involved in the project. In fact, the beds available in the catalog have been imagined and created by several internationally renowned experts, such as Luca Nichetto, Ron Gilad, Rodolfo Dordoni, Hannes Wettstein and many others. In this way every bed produced by Molteni&C has acquired a feature, a peculiarity that has made each model simply unique.Despite involving designers with such different styles, all Molteni&C beds are distinguished by the high quality of the aesthetics and materials. The end product is a resistant bed, which fits well in a contemporary style environment, but above all is designed to ensure a proper rest. Innovative technologies combined with exclusive materials give life to a simply exceptional product. 

Molteni wardrobes: innovative design

The wardrobe is a piece of furniture that must be chosen very carefully, taking into consideration both functionality and aesthetics. In fact, frequent use will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the structure, but also the design: the wardrobe must be in harmony with the rest of the room and must reflect its mood.Molteni wardrobes guarantee both an exceptional aesthetic quality and a high level of functionality in terms of structure, thanks to innovative and exclusive technologies. The whole system of the Molteni wardrobe is based on the Gliss Master ecosystem, designed by the Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen exclusively for Molteni&C. The basis of this ecosystem is the redefinition of the custom wardrobe concept: each element becomes customizable. Doors, cabins, wardrobes: the possibilities of choice and the combinations are really numerous. And once you have chosen your wardrobe, you just have to select the materials and combine them, evaluating your tastes and the style of the room.As for functionality, the Gliss Master system is distinguished by the wide choice offered in terms of internal equipment such as shoes and ties racks and by the innovative recessed hinges without visible mechanisms, for a fast and smooth sliding. The company uses only high quality materials, to be up to the proposed technology.The style is instead typical of Molteni&C: a contemporary design, with care to detail and obviously comfortable, both for sight and touch. A sober, almost essential elegance, but able to meet the daily needs perfectly. 

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