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The story of design and accuracy, where customers are the real protagonists.

Poliform was founded in 1970, following the progressive transformation of an artisan company born in 1942.
Its story weave together with the one of its customers and it is written in the most beautiful, elegant and refined calligraphy, as the main idea expressed by the brand.
The company makes furnishing for every area of the house, creating a balance between environments and furniture. The motif of coherence of places is adopted by the designers with whom the company collaborates; an example is the Bellport collection of sofas inspired by the high quality of life of the Bellport village in New York.
The materials are an assumption that does not differ too much from the design, as it is the choice of quality to confer extreme elegance and refinement to the furnishing accessories. The reliability of the brand originates precisely from the quality of the materials: an in-depth study, a continuous and focused research to always offer the highest quality regarding the products of the collections that motivates the Poliform prices
In terms of production, the company focuses on mechanisms; in the walk-in closets, as well as in the bedside tables, Poliform cupboards and in the kitchens, the drawer slides are tested for 100.000 opening and closing cycles. Likewise, the door hinges are tested for 200.000 openings.
Initially very linked to the family reality and to the industrial concept of mass production, the company reaches an international expansion thanks to the continuous investment in production technologies.
The ability to continuously adapt to social changes remains the keypoint of success. Alberto Spinelli, together with his cousins Aldo Spinelli and Giovanni Anzani have been managing the group for more than 40 years: they are credited for being able to lead the company towards internationality and prestige.

Poliform Lab, the creative heart of the company

The industrial concept is not only proposed in the production: Poliform Lab is the soul of the company and therefore represents its core, based on the idea of a production unit. It is a real factory… that does not create products, but ideas. Images, videos, exhibition installations and events are the result of an alternative raw material, which is creativity.

Poliform Products: versatile closets and original bookcases are the most sought-after

The design choices are based on continuous research in the field of technology and trends: the company meets the needs of customers with a thorough study of design solutions.The uniformity of the spaces, together with the functionality is clearly visible in the structure of each product. Among the collections proposed, the most common requests concern the bedrooms; the interest of the company focused on this domestic environment is guided towards the walk-in closets: expression of order and capacity, they are re-evaluated in an aesthetic way. The comfort finds continuity also in the beds, from the more sober ones to the light line, like the Poliform Park.Moreover the Poliform Wall System is spacious, efficient and always focused on aesthetics. These structures find their maximum expression in bookcases: catalog proposals in lacquered, matt and glossy material.

Poliform kitchens: a successful combination

A further strong point of the company is the managerial capacity, which has allowed the company to establish itself as a world leader in the kitchen sector: everything originates in 1996, with the desire to offer the client a complete home. Until then the company did not cover that sector; it was therefore decided to incorporate Varenna, manufacturer of kitchens in the Milanese province. Since then the brand has grown progressively, so that today most of the collections are mainly sold abroad.

Poliform, maximum customization

The primary objective of the company is to fulfill the aesthetic and functional needs of its customers. This materializes into the maximum customization.
In fact, Poliform creates custom-made furnishings even with finishes that are not included in standard products.
It offers maximum flexibility to create pure luxury furnishings for private homes, hotels and yachts.

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