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Refinement of lines and quality of details is the trademark of Porro, an Italian company that over the years has been able to be appreciated by the entire world of interior design at national and international level. A well-deserved recognition given the attention to detail and also the “culture of furniture” that defines the company: the construction of the piece of furniture is not a purely technical operation, but a refined process followed closely in every phase. The ultimate goal is to create only quality furniture, technically perfect and aesthetically unique.
Porro furniture design stands out for different aesthetic features such as formal elegance. Style is fundamental and each element is simplified progressively. Porro beds, tables, sofas, armchairs and every other piece of furniture are characterized by the elegance of the shapes. The same systems are created starting from a simple and minimal aesthetic vision, but without ever losing their complexity.
In 2015 Porro celebrated a very important goal: 90 years of activity. Founded in 1925 in the Brianza production area, the company has changed several times over the years, becoming an internationally renowned brand. Today Porro can count on a widespread network of sales points, especially abroad where it has become a symbol of Made in Italy. Interni Mobili & Design is one of the authorized dealers, both for Italy and abroad. Thanks to our experience and expertise we will be able to guide you in choosing the best Porro furniture elements suited to your needs. Contact us for more information on prices and catalogs

Porro furniture

Among the distinctive features of Porro is the ability to work wood, one of the legacies of Brianza – its birthplace and the Italian cradle of the quality furniture production. Select the wood, know how to understand the material and work it: this is the hallmark of the brand. The wood culture represents the basis of the company, which has transformed it into a real cultural heritage to be protected and valued. The wood is in fact treated using the classic processing techniques combined with the latest and most modern technologies.
Porro production covers almost all the rooms of the house, both for the living and for the sleeping area. Those who want luxury and essential style furniture must choose Porro. Wardrobes, beds, bookcases, tables and sofas are distinguished by elegant and clear shapes, but always coherent with each other. A style with features that can be defined as “neutral”, an element that enhances the whole collection with a unique harmony. This allows integrating the furnishing objects into any type of environment.

Porro design: the result of prestigious collaborations

Aesthetic research is the basis of major companies as Porro. There is neither discovery nor innovation without inspiration and continuous experimentation.
In order to support this research and be able to create exceptional furnishing products, the company has always relied on continuous collaboration with the most important Italian and international designers. Among the most high-profile names: Pietro Lissoni, art director of the company since 1989, Jean Marie Massaud, Christophe Pillet, Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, Bruno Munari, Decoma Design, Elisa Ossino, Werner Aisslinger, Wolfgang Tolk, Front, Alessandro Mendini, Soda Designers, GamFratesi.
The contribution of specialized external partners is fundamental for the brand: this is the only way of creating a lively and profitable dialog for both parties. The proposals on creativity, aesthetics and design are numerous and those who intervene can have diametrically opposed views on these fascinating contents. However, the passion for design is the detail that unites all the people involved. The basis of each comparison is the sharing of certain values in which Porro is reflected, and the creation of quality projects is the main aspect.

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