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A combination of styles that helps outlining realities never seen before.  

Vitra uses the identity of the individual as means of exploring today’s design needs. Meeting the needs of the person with all the aspects of his personality means establishing both an inner and a spatial balance. This emphasizes the main places in which the individual acts, creates and expresses himself: at home, at work and in all the contexts of free time.
The deepest shades of personality emerge when the individual is oneself and feels comfortable; often the best context for establishing this condition is at home. This is why Vitra chooses to furnish the home space with a mix of styles, shapes and colors. The same happens in the office, the environment that communicates the identity of the company representing the set of knowledge and skills of its employees: an essential wealth which can be truly expressed through design.
To clarify the idea of diversity as a source of inspirational wealth, the Swiss family-run company outlines the furnishings that combine classicism with the contemporary and strong colors with softer shades. This is how the combination of Vitra chair with soft lines and a table with angular edges is an expression of uniform complementarity, a choice of a new style and at the same time a link to the traditions of design. Secondary furnishing accessories such as Vitra stools and hangers offer the customer’s ego the possibility to add authenticity and character. No piece of furniture is excluded from this fusion process: whether is an armchair or a sofa the concept of the brand is highlighted by daring to combine elements that are only apparently contrasting.
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Vitra tables and stools designed to suit with style

In order to bring forward the concept of multimedia furniture, Vitra proposes Solvay Table, a table made of significant materials: the choice of wood is due to the design of Jean Prouvé during the Second World War when metal was lacking. This choice combined with the modern and essential shapes of the furnishing element offers the single object the ability to communicate ultra-modern style and progress.It is often proposed in combination with the Softshell Side Chair, contemporary and extremely comfortable. Vitra Elephant is essential when looking for a fleeting support: Vitra is one of the most requested furnishing elements. It is signed by Sori Yanagi and embodies the post-war Japanese design: its versatility makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor furnishings. Another highly sought-after product is the Vitra Eames chair, a winner for the ergonomic choice of its designers Charles and Ray Eames, who were able to transform plastic into the key element of comfort and ergonomics.

Vitra sofas: the choice of a living room that looks toward the future

Vitra sofas outline the reinterpretation of a classic product as a vehicle for communicating a combination of styles. This happens for example with Soft Modular Sofa created by Jasper Morrison which embodies a sofa with pure and regular lines, a comfortable and “common” sofa that performs the same normal and daily relaxation function. The modern intuition is hidden in the details and brings out a progressive aspect in the furnishing of those who choose it. This is how the base structure represents the fulfillment of functional design: modules stability and interconnection are precisely the origin of the elegance expressed by this piece of furniture.

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