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The continuous flow of excellence in every field.

Zanotta’s success finds the roots in the concept of “continuity”. Continuity understood as a link with the past, as the ability to recognize today the commitment and values that have given life to the symbols of Italian design in the last century. Continuity can also be found in the qualitative features of products that remain intact over time: we are talking about the durability of the materials and the eco-compatibility, a continuum that makes the brand reliable and influential.
Continuity is the leitmotif in the collaborations with internationally renowned designers and in not setting limits to multicultural and international influences. Continuity also means knowing how to act today to anticipate the future needs of the public.
Zanotta arredamenti is the perfect solution for those looking for furnishing elements that care for every detail: armchairssofasbeds, storage units, bookcaseschairs and tables are the manifest expression of an unmistakable prestige.
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Zanotta sofas, the link between hospitality and relaxation

Hospitality is a way to give continuity to the bonds that are created outside the home and the ability to give relationships the way to evolve and become more intimate. Welcoming a guest in our own home represents the expressed desire to deepen a knowledge in order to make it part of our dimension. And there is no better way than being welcomed by Zanotta design in a living room that is a temple of relaxation and sharing.The Scott Zanotta sofa with its large seat and backrest goose down cushion allows the extremes to slide in comfort in intense conversations with those who are in the same wavelength with us; there is also a pouf of the same line which allows the furniture to be even more coherent. Moreover, coherence is also a primary factor in the communication process.

Zanotta beds: the end and the beginning of surprising days

Recreating continuity in a bedroom does not only mean making its elements communicate with each other; there is something deeper and more refined in the Zanotta compositions. What is essential for the individual is the need to establish moments of the day that alternate dynamism and rest in a sequence that always offers new motivation. This is the reason why Zanotta beds are the key element of keeping this experience flow alive, the perfect place to recover the energy and start again for facing new daily challenges.
The design is established as a leitmotif for the rest of the body and mind: each product is designed to restore physical and mental well-being starting from sight: lines and shapes allow you to gradually access the relaxation dimension.
The Zanotta Milano bed offers a feeling of lightness at first glance thanks to its slim and elegant lines; impact sensations that are supported by the steel feet mechanism which allows you setting different heights for a new suspension experience.

Each Zanotta table is a flow of stories

Gathering at the table is an action that recalls the need of nourishing the body and the soul; it represents the sharing of a space, of ideas and opinions, but it can also represent one’s own personal workplace where inspirations converge and give life to new projects.
The Cavour Zanotta desk and the Leonardo table embody this concept and furnish with elegance and innovation any corner of the house in which they are placed.

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