Nendo is not the real name of this refined Japanese designer born in Canada in 1977 but it is the name of his studio: a group of professionals who, since 2002, represents a cultured and refined alternative to self-celebrating and ego-oriented design. His studio works range from interior architecture to the world of furniture and graphics.

Oki Sato, this is his real name, earned a degree in Architecture at the University of Tokyo in 2002. He immediately stood out for his ability, for his essential and elegant design, “pure” as is the Japanese culture itself. Already in 2002, still a student, he won the gold medal at Koizumi International Lighting Design as well as numerous other awards.

In 2004 his participation in various expos, with products of impeccable taste, earned him the Good Design Award, consecrating him to the Olympus of the most promising designers on the international scene in recent years.

The peculiarity of his studio and therefore of his designs are that of abandoning the rigidity and proving to be malleable, mouldable in the desired form, such as clay (the true Japanese meaning of the term Nendo), to better meet the challenges of organic contemporary design.

Nendo produces countless products for companies such as Alias, Cappellini, Glas Italia, Flos, Foscarini, Minotti and Moroso, just to name a few.