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lifestyle product February 2023

The dining area, just like the kitchen, has always represented the heart of each home.

It’s where we share meals, conversations and memories with family and friends, usually around a table, the fundamental element to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Interni, intercepting the latest news from the world of interior design,selected some of the most interesting dining tables ideas among the excellences of Made in Italy.

We can start from Homey by Poltrona Frau, designed by GamFratesi, a table evoking home values and underlining the central role it plays in everyday life. B&B Italia’s Allure, on the other hand, represents a new glamourous approach revisited in a contemporary way, with a design balanced between straight lines and sinuous curves. Sculpture-like and light, with an appealing visual effect, Minotti’s new items are Linha Fina and Olive, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni.

Poliform’s Curve, designed by Emmanuel Gallina, is a table with a wood structure and a marble top conveying elegance and refinement to the environment. Finally, Cassina’s news: Sengu, designed by Patricia Urquiola, inspired by the ritual reconstruction of Japanese shrines and Longplane, by Rodolfo Dordoni, a table with a remarkable aesthetic balance, clear lines and rigorous proportions.

Sengu table - Cassina

A design dining room table inspired by the ritual reconstruction of Japanese shrines, a contemporary piece that celebrates light-hearted cheer through dialog between different materials. Designed by Patricia Urquiola for Cassina

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Homey dining table - Poltrona Frau

The Homey dining table designed by GamFratesi aims to shine a renewed light on the value of the home and emphasize the centrality of its role in domestic settings that are increasingly attentive to sharing.

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Allure O’ dining table - B&B italia

The Allure O’ table is presented as a heart-felt tribute to glamour interpreted in contemporary style. The graceful force of its design is clearly seen in the shape of the top and the balance between the control of straight lines and sinuosity of curves.

Discover more about allure o’ dining table

Curve dining table - Poliform

Curve is an essential and solid table, where gentle lines meet visually striking details, such as the wooden crosspiece. Part of the Curve collection designed by Emmanuel Gallina, the table is available with a wood structure and marble or wood top with a delicately handcrafted edge. The crosspiece, a greatly expressive element, can be covered in leather.

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Francis dining table - Rimadesio

A contemporary interpretation of the ancient refectory tables, Francis’s project is based on a die-cast aluminium structure with octagonal section of the legs and the rod, designed to guarantee stability in the different sizes available in rectangular, round and square shapes.

Discover more about Francis dining table


Oliver dining table - Minotti

The frame of the Oliver dining and lounge, in Black-Nickel, polished Pewter or Bronze colours, presents a distinctive visual effect, produced by the metal stem that sinuously connects to the base. Design by Rodolfo Dordoni Design

Discover more about Oliver dining

The set of tables we selected, with their sophisticated attention to details, shows how brands are researching the perfect synthesis between style and functionality, comfort and aesthetics. The result is entirely aimed at creating elements that strongly contribute to the environment’s mood, creating a unique and refined atmosphere in every home.

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