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Poltrona Frau and Ceccotti collezioni present the “Duo Collection”

brand milano design week product May 2023

The collection, designed by Roberto Lazzeroni and part of the 2023 Pleasures Collection by Poltrona Frau, represents the first chapter of the collaboration between the two brands, whose design synergy is expressed through a range of products that encompass the "Pleasure of hospitality" and create environments that facilitate sociality.

The DUO Collection, presented on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2023, finds its contextualization within the broader 2023 Pleasure Collection by Poltrona Frau, which contains all the new products of this year in the sign of pleasure. The DUO Collection communicates the value of hospitality by becoming an expression of the "pleasure of welcoming" through furnishing elements designed to create domestic environments that naturally facilitate interaction and sharing between people. The collection develops from two seemingly opposite concepts, memory and innovation. The two paths, the one that leads to the enhancement of the past and the one that projects towards the future, find their meeting point in a line of timeless, transversal objects with an essential elegance.

The atmosphere that inspired the development of the DUO Collection is that of the Italian Dolce Vita, evocative of a carefree lifestyle, naturally elegant and inclined to enjoy the pleasure of socializing. The products are designed to give shape to a romantic and welcoming living room, inspired by the "living rooms" of the 1950s. Silhouettes with a retro flavor that capture the spirit of the times, yet perfectly adaptable to contemporary domestic contexts thanks to the versatility of the soft shapes, the accurate proportions and the precious material choices for the finishes.


The DUO Collection consists of a selection of luxurious upholstered furniture with soft and rounded shapes and a range of fine furnishings for the living room. The DUO Sofa, welcoming and sinuous, is a sofa with soft lines that wink at the romanticism of Art Decò, while its flexible plywood structure, the use of recyclable materials and production technology enclose all its contemporaneity .

Similarly, the DUO Lounge is the armchair characterized by soft and generous yet light lines, in a contrast of volumes and materials that make it ideal both to accompany the sofa and to live independently. The DUO Rug, in wool and silk, features an elegant geometric pattern available in two shades, which blend perfectly with the shades of the upholstery fabrics.


The DUO collection presents a wide selection of "Made in Tuscany" wooden furnishings for the living area, made in the Tuscan production site of Ceccotti Collezioni where the excellence of the cabinet-making artistic-craft tradition (such as inlay, carving and the cannetè processing) is updated by the latest generation technologies for processing. The DUO Cabinet is the storage unit available in three versions: high cabinet, low cabinet and two doors and Bar basket and two doors and two Bar baskets. The design revisits the classic Fifties sideboard: the elegant solid wood structure is lightened thanks to the use of spacers between the base and the container, which make the piece of furniture visually slender and contemporary. To complete the collection we also have the Duo Bookcase and the Duo Console: furnishing elements with an architectural approach. As well as the DUO low table and the Duo Trolley.

The Duo Pedestal Table, the DUO Bench, the DUO Lamp floor lamp. The living area is completed by the DUO Screen complement, the screen with wooden frame that can easily adapt to the most varied domestic contexts. To conclude the collection the DUO Mirror and DUO Floor Mirror.

Duo collection

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