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Small, prestigious, convivial: Falper reinvents living kitchens.

brand milano design week product June 2022

Falper presents Small Living Kitchens™, a new concept exclusively patented by the brand that revolutionises the experience of the kitchen in small, prestigious dwellings.

The company, specialised in the production of superior, luxury bath furnishings, is extending its know-how and sophisticated designs to a new room in the house, the kitchen.


Small, prestigious, convivial: Small Living Kitchens™ is a totally new concept that maintains the high standards and convivial layouts of large kitchens in previously unimagined compact spaces as small as just 2.5 square metres. Display-worthy objects create a sophisticated kitchen space that flows effortlessly into refined living


Created in close collaboration with the designer Andrea Federici, it’s a kitchen system with a rational, simple design, made up of a few essential elements - Islands, Storage Units and Tall Units – that can be combined in infinite compositions.

The new harmony of size, aesthetics and function between the elements is easily recognisable in layouts that are the symbol of Small Living Kitchens™. Islands, Storage Units and Tall Units are arranged according to a principle of rational design that combines finished elements, positioning them in the space in a simple way, like living room furnishings, without the need for complex bespoke solutions.


The Islands come in three models, available in three different sizes. The Storage Unit is a single element, finished on all sides, with an interior that can be configured in a variety of ways. The Tall Units are modular elements that can be combined with one another to create a wall system, and can be configured in various ways internally.

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