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lifestyle product March 2022

Due to the evolution of the night area concept, designed to become a living space as the other rooms of the house, even the bedroom is no longer seen as a place to rest, but as an intimate and welcoming environment where you can relax and take care of yourself.

In this perspective, the walk-in closet is seen as a real dressing room designed in harmony with the bedroom. Like an architectural system, the walk-in closet combine functional organization and aesthetic appearance, thanks to the high customization and the multiple accessories available, together with a careful study of light and modularity.


The walk-in closet with sanitizer

Centro Ricerche Giorgetti interprets the walk-in closet theme with the Miyabi modular project that recalls the charm of a precious treasure trunk: it is an architectural system designed to provide a wonderful experience of contemporary comfort. Made of ash wood, Miyabi offers a fully customisable functional organisation thanks to single or double units, with glass or wooden hinged doors, which can be combined according to your needs. Each layout is completed by multiple accessories, to meet every living need, and is equipped with led lighting.


From a technological point of view, Miyabi integrates an advanced sanitisation system that subjects clothing and accessories to a triple air treatment. In the first phase, dust, bacteria, odours and other solid particles that impregnate clothes are moved by special fans and then filtered. The second phase involves the neutralisation of what is retained by the filter through UVA radiation, which is emitted by the LEDs integrated in the device. In the third phase, bipolar ionisation technology (IPG technology) produces and releases millions of positive and negative ions that destroy bacteria and odours, sanitising everything contained inside the cabinet.

PORRO – STORAGE by Piero Lissoni

As the real core of the home, the Storage dressing room freely combines open spaces alongside spaces closed by glass doors: a visual lightness enhanced by the corner solution, with lighted shelves and transparent back panels, also closed by Iron doors.

The Storage system of wardrobes and dressing rooms has been renewed by a new impalpable material: light. Thanks to the wireless lighting system, electricity is transmitted inside the structure, hidden from view.


With all technical details designed by Porro and fully embedded, the shelves become lighting fixtures and the light can be adjusted by choosing between 2 different temperatures. The thin profile amplifies the effect of lightness of Porro wardrobes, providing more internal space with the possibility of designing open and closed rooms according to one’s needs and desires.

With its slim upright, the Japanese-style black sugi or ciliegio white equipment and the embedded lighting, Storage is a complete and versatile wardrobe system. ​​​​​​​The light embedded in the shelf enhances the graphic design of Storage and follows its lines, transforming it into a stage for one’s own garments.

RIMADESIO – DRESS BOLD by Giuseppe Bavuso

Dress bold is a system that creates highly personalized walk-in closets with the option of customized compositions for linear, corner and C-shaped solutions. Two aesthetic possibilities: with visible uprights or with back. The accessories, which can be freely placed along the wall upright by means of a patented expansion fixing system that requires no holes, include: shelves and floor bases, cloth hangers, cloth lift, drawer units, trouser racks and pull out trays.

An ideal level of lighting, a customized light intensity and light quality, thanks to the use of led sources, which can be positioned under the floor base, the shelf and the shoe shelves, or in the upper part of the back panel with aluminium frame, available in fabric, synthetic leather, wood, lacquered glass and mirror.



The Lexington system has strong architectural connotations. Designed by Poliform’s R&D department, is a pillar-based bedroom system available in two configurations: wall or ceiling, in the latter case with the possibility of designing double-sided compositions finished on both sides.

Shelves, drawers, and a wide range of equipment – the same as the Senzafine system – are hooked into the uprights with a champagne or grey slate painted finish. Also available in a day version, thanks to its infinite flexibility in terms of dimensions, applications and finishes, Lexington marks an evolution in the world of systems, with a view to total integration across the different rooms of the house.



Gliss Master, in the sophisticated version without doors, becomes an accessorised walk-in closet that can be set up in linear and corner solutions. A particularly wide selection of internal accessories is available to design the compartments with personalised solutions to meet specific needs: hanging drawer units, extractable trays, shoe shelves, storage compartments and accessorised drawers with dividers are some of the solutions suggested.

The Gliss Master wardrobe system, the pride of the Molteni&C Night Collection, has been given a new look and feel. The exclusive frame structure of the Gliss Master has been embellished with an elegant ecoskin covering that profiles the front of the frames and shelves, warming up the metallic rigour of pewter and bronze. The ecoskin range is enriched with three new finishes in warm, contemporary colours, to create furnishing solutions for sophisticated customers who pay attention to fine details.


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