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Founded in 1952, Moroso is a brand famous all over the world for the high quality of its furniture products. In particular, the company has been able to stand out and get noticed in the great landscape of upholstered furniture, thanks to the high quality and uniqueness of the products created. The sofas, armchairs and other Moroso chairs furnish luxurious and contemporary style environments, creating simply unique spaces. The know-how of the early days, its artisan and sartorial spirit, merge today in an excellent way with industrial production, creating unique products, a union of design, contemporary art and fashion. Moroso furniture products have a design that represents the maximum expression of the brand’s philosophy: the sincere passion for beauty, art and emotion. The final design of each product expresses the company’s love and daily commitment. The care for every detail, the high quality of materials, the high-profile collaborations with designers and the accuracy of the stylistic research, make Moroso an exclusive luxury brand.

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