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Industrial design: a definition that holds creative value, the search for intellectual components and at the same time reveals the dependence of industrial production.

Henge products are 100% Made in Italy, therefore the result of the passion shared by many people and a way of thinking and producing appreciated and recognized by the whole world. Furniture designed today but made according to tradition by expert hands and with the support of the most modern technologies.

Henge produces various furnishing accessories for the domestic environment: tables, small tables, chairs, sofas, bookcases, sideboards, mirrors and lamps. Each object is unique, by type and materials used. The products created by Henge have a fluid design; therefore, they can fit freely in many stylistically different houses: they are strong furnishing elements, with a touch of delicacy.

The brand’s perspective is almost the opposite of industrial production, bound by rigid and precise rules, where there is little room for truly original creations. The production cycles, the time and the need to satisfy a very wide market, hold back creativity and experimentation. For this reason, Henge speaks of handmade creations when it comes to products created: the customization level is very high, up to unique creations. Sometimes certain products are designed and assembled for a single project or customer.


The innovation passes through tradition. Henge creates tables, chairs, lamps and mirrors of the highest stylistic level.

Each piece created by Henge is a unique masterpiece, the final product of a work done by many minds and hands. Design and technique come together to give life to an object that is more than just a piece of furniture. They are unique pieces that will become part of the home and of the everyday life of those who live it, offering emotions and sensations that are equally peerless. The design created by Henge wants to embrace the total uniqueness, to connect every person, every experience not with an “object” but with a travel companion. The various products are made thanks to the harmonious combination of the most varied materials. Among these there is brass, burnished in the traditional way without the use of chemical products, iron, heat-treated eucalyptus wood, bright and velvety, hand-finished with natural oils and free of chemicals and solvents. Also worthy of note is the use of sought-after, extraordinary and exquisite stones with processes that emphasize their authenticity, natural leather and nubuck, in full compliance with the company’s productive view.

Henge is a research workshop, where the main protagonist is creativity, which inspires innovative technical solutions and audacious material experiments. It is a place of contrasts, where modern technology meets the artisan experience. The details, the precision of the finishes and the excellent quality of the final product marks the whole production with the “Made in Italy” signature. The basic philosophy allows the brand to be able to propose customized projects: it is possible to adapt every element, finish and composition. There are no limits to the creativity and handling of the material. The proposals shown in the catalog are thus transformed into a starting point: from there you can begin to imagine, then you can start to create something unique and peerless.


Henge, design lamps

Among the various products made, those belonging to the lighting department are worth mentioning. It would be simplistic to treat these objects as simple lamps and chandeliers. Each of these elements is in fact a masterpiece of design.

The particular and sought-after shapes create extraordinary plays of light, which will certainly amaze those who are not accustomed to such lighting. In a domestic environment, the way the light illuminates the room has the same importance as other furnishing objects: each element must have a precise function and a design that reflects the soul of those who live there. Henge lighting system is created for environments where a person can reconnect to the deepest emotions.



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