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Ivano Redaelli


Ivano Redaelli applies the haute couture philosophy to wall coverings and furnishing accessories, offering products of a unique and unmistakable allure, able to cloak the whole house with elegance, from living to sleeping areas, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

The company offers a wide collection of products and proposals in which the common thread is characterized by sobriety and elegance, the two concepts underlying the lifestyle proposed by Ivano Redaelli. The design of the collections is in fact strongly influenced by a refined taste and a strong visual impact.

The most important thing that characterizes these collections is, first and foremost, the choice and use of fine fabrics such as cashmere, furs, chamois, embroidery, leathers, inserts of fringes and feathers that embellish poufs, rugs, chairs and armchairs, sofas, table wear, coordinated bath and bed linens. Refined details that do not escape the most sophisticated and demanding eyes.

Ivano Redaelli’ s philosophy interprets furniture as a sensorial experience, denying the exclusive primacy of sight over the other senses, to unleash the most exquisite skin sensations. Ivano Redaelli luxury home furnishing suggestions concern beds, upholstered furniture, seats, cabinets, fabrics, accessories, plaids and cushions.


Ivano Redaelli: the essence of made in Italy interior design

Craftsmanship, tradition, contemporary elegance: these are the keywords that distinguish Ivano Redaelli, a haute gamme brand of Italian interior design, able to stand out and make itself recognizable for its luxury furniture made in Italy. The brand's history took shape in the 1960s when his father, Cavaliere del Lavoro Piero Redaelli, and his mother, Iside, started Redaelli Ricami, a company specializing in the handcrafted production of the highest quality hand-embroidered linens. Instead, Ivano and Nicoletta's entry into the company of their parents materialized in the 1980s.

The desire to look to the future immediately takes shape, keeping firmly rooted in the tradition of fine fabrics and the craftsmanship of embroidery but evolving and opening up to luxury furnishings as well.In these years, therefore, what is defined as the Ivano Redaelli lifestyle comes to life, a way of living environments that combines refinement and glamour, elegance and essentiality, thanks to the opportunity offered to interior designers and international buyers to carefully select every detail to make every living space and every piece of furniture unique.


Ivano Redaelli beds, dining bath and day: a concept before a style

The collections proposed by Ivano Redaelli range from cashmere fabrics to furnishings, to room accessories, to design and compose the bedroom, but also the bathroom, kitchen, living area or study and reading rooms. What distinguishes Ivano Redaelli's brand is first of all, the quality of the raw material, carefully selected to ensure a first-rate result. The quality of raw materials is matched by the attention to detail, handcrafted to make each accessory and each fabric, one of a kind. What distinguishes Ivano Redaelli's creations is precisely the manual skill and craftsmanship, elements that have distinguished the brand since the days of Redaelli Ricami. 

The brand's mission, in fact, is not to create furnishings and accessories for environments that complete a space, but to give life to unprecedented and evocative paths, which from fabric to fabric, and from one raw material to another are able to involve all five senses. The collections in the Ivano Redaelli online shop are linked together by a common thread, understated and essential elegance. Apart from this common element, however, each collection is the material expression of the continuous research of shapes, lines, fabrics and colors, which allow to dress the house according to the character and personality of those who live in it.



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