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Antonio Lupi

Antoniolupi design is a Tuscan business that stands out for sixty years on the Italian and international markets in the design and production of bathroom furniture. A continuously developing reality recognized for its ability to create innovation. A specialization that started from the mirrors and bathroom accessories and that has come to embrace the entire living space.

There are about 200 craftsmen and suppliers of the production company, many of which are present in the Tuscan territory. The company has chosen not to work for the warehouse, but to produce each object tailored. This allows them to adapt each product to meet diverse requirements of the customer with endless customizations.

Antonio Lupi, roots looking to the future

The project started back in 1950. Born in 1932, the founder was 18 years old when he started the artisanal production of glass and crystal for the bathroom. Even then, the focus was on innovation, which led Cristal Lupi Luxor to ride the economic boom years with creations dedicated to bathroom furnishings. 1969 of the leap to industrial production and more than 50 years separate the brand's founding from its restyling into Antonio Lupi design spa. It has come a long way, and the push for innovation is never enough.

Believing in the power of design that matters

Looking at the designs in the field means going far beyond the iconic Antonio Lupi mirrors. The forms are those born of creative ideas, the concept of style is constantly open to forward-looking contaminations. After all, one only has to look at the signatures in the field to realize that genius is not accidental. Forms are translated into objects that aim for the essential, condensing in full the innovation that juxtaposes Antonio Lupi with custom-made sinks and bathroom furniture.

Spaces are reinterpreted so as to elevate the concept of volume, the common thread lies precisely in the optimization of environments of which the furniture is an essential complement. Antonio Lupi design is synonymous with ideas that look beyond, the brand aims to travel paths never beaten precisely to offer exclusive solutions. Limited runs and first-rate materials are the basis on which to base the value of the creations. The brand is synonymous with excellence, in the highest declination that made in Italy can offer. The artisan approach remains in the attention to detail, everything else is innovation of evolving forms.

Antonio Lupi and bathroom furniture, but not only

The brand's boundary ranges beyond just the bathroom, the company opens to the bath and living division. Antonio Lupi offers a catalog that explores environments and offers designer bathroom furniture solutions. Washbasins with particular geometries, the harmony of bathtubs and the tradition of mirrors are some of the proposals signed by Antonio Lupi.

Furniture complements but also fireplaces distinguish Antonio Lupi for the catalog that interprets spaces through concealed effects and solutions that place the continuity of lines at the center of the design. Then there are the accessories, lamps but also armchairs and much more. There is the passion that drives to create, here lies the art of giving shape to ideas.


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