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Since 1925, Arclinea continuously looks for excellence, harmonizing creativity and technology, conviviality and functionality in the production of high-end kitchens. This research is conducted through innovative solutions, aiming to create environments that improve people’s life quality.Arclinea was born in 1925. The founder, Silvio Fortuna Senior, initially wanted to continue the family business: the carpentry workshop. In 1960 the company starts the production of the first series of kitchen furniture and the presentation of Claudia, the first kitchen with incorporated appliances.In the following years the company consolidated itself, until 1980 when Arclinea began the collaborations with external designers, such as Antonio Citterio, who became the reference designer of the company since 1990. The idea of excellence and total quality was born in those years. The perfect knowledge of materials, technological processes and the choice to produce everything in Italy, combined with the intuitions of Citterio, has led Arclinea to the international scene.

Today Arclinea is an international prestigious brand, the perfect ambassador of Made in Italy all over the world. It operates in both retail and contract with the residential, hospitality and marine divisions. Arclinea aspires to produce only excellent and qualitatively perfect products. The processes are exclusive, the details are unique: every kitchen is customized according to client’s needs. The most popular products are the Arclinea kitchens: stylish kitchens, created for those who spend every day in this space and have clear needs. There are many models on the market, all created based on the identifying values of the brand. Only in this way it was possible to create high-functionality kitchens, made only with high quality materials and with various customization possibilities. The Arclinea collection is characterized by a great variety of elements, all compatible with each other. It is designed and created to solve real and daily needs and demands. 

Arclinea kitchens are elegant and functional, enhancing the pleasure of cooking. With Arclinea, the kitchen becomes a space to live and share with friends and family.

Arclinea is a company that has become famous for its high-end kitchens, with a sophisticated design and universally recognized quality. The quality of Arclinea kitchens is ensured by a professional company policy. They offer the guarantee of the constant adaptation of products, production methods and procedures to a system that is responsible towards future generations

They start from a clear principle: the first clear action is to create products that last over time and follow the principles of eco-sustainability and eco-compatibility. Arclinea puts everything in the right place, in order to facilitate work and moving through the kitchen: professional hoods with high suction capacity, fully-equipped kitchen sinks and exclusive faucets, different internal equipment for organizing drawers, bases, wall units, cabinets and variable height tables.

The Arclinea collection is characterized by a great variety of elements, all compatible with each other. It is designed and created to solve real and daily needs and demands. The kitchen is a place where you can live and create: functionality and innovation must be the keywords. In fact, in the kitchen you must be able to move easily and enjoy cutting-edge technology: it must help, not hinder. With Arclinea kitchens, functionality and technology are at the customer’s service.

Arclinea Home Furnishings

The Arclinea collection is a family, a harmonized whole. The products are all compatible because it is possible to design the ideal kitchen. For Arclinea, design is no longer just form and function, but represents the creation of living places, full of passion and creativity. Continuous research has led Arclinea to analyze people’s perspective regarding food: from its preparation to its consumption. Only in this way is it possible to design a truly cozy and organized space.This research has also allowed Arclinea to design professional kitchens for schools and restaurants. Hybrid places where food culture meets design culture: not just a meal, but an experience of taste.

Arclinea Design

The brand aspires to produce only excellent and qualitatively perfect products. The processes are exclusive, the details are unique: every kitchen is customized according to client’s needs. These are the fundamental values of Arclinea that have allowed the brand to aim towards excellence: history, passion, tradition, creativity, culture, professionalism, innovation and ethics.

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The largest and most complete Arclinea showroom in the world, live the excellence of the kitchens combined with the excellence of the service.

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