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The company was founded in 1960 by Ernesto Gismondi, with great ambitions and an uncontested calling for design. Artemide lighting stands for experimentation and technology; the continuous research on materials allows making innovative eco-compatible choices both from the productive and creative point of view.
Being an international leader in the field of light, Artemide has been able to make this element the protagonist of home furnishings, by using unique shapes that have never been tested before. Collaborations with a large number of international designers have led to unexpected creations. 

For Artemide wall or pendant lights they are the visible expression of the in-depth study of spaces and settings: indoor spaces and gardens are the perfect scenarios for talent and passion. The light becomes a furnishing element as much as the lighting that spreads it; a floor lamp, a lamp, as well as the most various chandeliers must be imagined as unifying elements of a more complex system which combines innovation and class.

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