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Cassina has been manufacturing furniture since 1927, combining technological progress and traditional craftsmanship and flying the flag for beautiful Italian design in the world. The company’s international spirit shapes its style, which welcomes contamination from a variety of contemporary influences.

Meticulous attention is paid to the company’s iconic sofas, armchairs and chairs. They are upholstered in full-grain leather, leather and fine tailored fabrics, profiled by the double stitching that has become Cassina’s hallmark. With an exceptional quality to the touch, the result is the true experience of comfort. Cassina also produces beds, chairs, desks and tables, always combining design and quality, to create contemporary, stylish interiors. 

Among the company’s most successful collections is the Le Corbusier Cassina, created in 1927 from the collaboration between Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand. Cassina has owned the exclusive publishing and sales rights to these models, all marked by the initials LC, since 1964. 

This marked the starting point of the I Maestri collection, through which Cassina reissues iconic works by the greatest designers of the 20th century. They include Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Gerrit Thomas Rietveld, Franco Albini, Frank Lloyd Wright, Marco Zanuso, Ico Parisi and Giacomo Balla.

Authorized dealer Cassina

Style and avant-garde are the main protagonists of the furniture designed to entertain the customer and his guests at home. Since 1927 Cassina has proved to be the performer of a reality that runs towards technological progress, while keeping its origins intact. The handmade tradition remains the strong point of the brand, which has managed to win the trust of international customers. This internationality guides the stylistic path, leading the company towards the most varied contemporary design influences.

Sofa and armchair are the protagonists of the living room; they play an essential part in the daily social dynamics: they must make the guests feel welcome in a house. Instead Chairs and table occupy the scenes of the dining room and their part is not less important: it is fundamental to benefit from maximum comfort during meals. Each piece of furniture is matched with another, allowing the creation of a customized and gratifying habitat, as well as quality.

Cassina sofas and armchairs: a second skin for those who take a seat

For over 90 years the company has mastered the upholstered furniture production: sofas and armchairs are the symbol of the brand, a sector developed with the utmost dedication. Craftsmanship and progress have fused together to create refined and at the same time engineering products.

The quality of the upholstery is concealed in the selection of materials: full-grain leather, leather and exquisite tailored fabrics; profiled by a double stitching, the trademark of Cassina, each of these being exceptional to the touch. A comfort that transforms the chair into a divine experience.

Cassina chairs and tables: the design feels like home

The chairs find a place in different contexts of the furnishings: from domestic to office. The modern tendency of the brand and the remake of original projects combine the contemporary minimalism with the soft shapes of the past. The structures are made of wood or aluminum and are essential for offering the right modern geometric touch, without exaggerating.

Cassina also designs and creates design tables taking into consideration first the function that they will have to perform. Materials, sizes and ergonomics therefore reflect a certain experience and setting.

Cassina beds and bookcases: keepers of dreams and stories

The bedroom is par excellence the relaxation room, where rest and dreams come together to leave room for a different shape of the reality. Another way to split the reality is to read a book and to put it away, evening after evening right in the bookcase next to the bed. Cassina combines these two pieces of furniture and creates a whole: the furniture leads the man to wander with his thoughts, as soon as he crosses the threshold of dreams.

Le Corbusier Cassina

Le Corbusier is a collection born in 1927 from the collaboration between Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand. The designers, based on some sketches that define the positions of the human body to which the seats must adapt, have created a wide range of products. The exclusive rights to release and sale these models were acquired by Cassina in 1964; the products of this collection are distinguished in the catalog thanks to the “LC” initials: LC3 sofa,  LC2 armchair, LC1 chair and LC4 chaise longue.


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