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Cattelan Italia

Cattelan Italia is an Italian design furniture company particularly appreciated by foreign clientele. Founded in 1979 by Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan, the company has expanded and placed itself among the most influential companies in the furniture industry. The production of dining tables and desks, bookcases, chairs and beds complies with strict safety standards offering the market only products of the highest quality: wood, leather, as well as metal and glass are the visible proof that the use of refined raw materials contributes not only to the aesthetic beauty of the compositions but also to the well-being of those who choose to furnish their home with Cattelan products.

Surrounding themselves with furnishing elements that represent their essence is an opportunity for clients to express their personality. The amazing care for details is a source of knowledge: those who have chosen a certain piece of furniture had a clear intent and a precise desire to communicate an abstract concept which is materialized thanks to Cattelan Italia creations. 

Cattelan Italia tables

A space for sharing a meal, a work area where you can freely express ideas and projects or a furnishing element of a room: the table can take any role inside the furniture composition thanks to the great visual impact infused by Cattelan.The distinctive detail of Cattelan Italia Gordon Keramik table is enclosed in the metal structure: it creates intersecting segments by shaping harmonious geometries that find the balance of design in the support points on the ground and at the base of the table; the structure is inspired by reinforcing rods that are used on construction sites with the precise aim of communicating stability and security, all enveloped in elegance and sinuosity which are two essential features of the design furniture. Cattelan Italia Billy can boast a versatility of style which makes it suitable to complete the furnishing of any area of the house from the entrance to the living room: the most important detail is satisfying the need for support and the possibility of expanding the surface; in fact it can be used individually or paired with a slightly smaller or larger version of the same line. 

Cattelan Italia chairs

Each chair proposed by the brand comes from the idea that comfort should be rooted in sinuosity; everything starts from the design ability to outline shapes that fit the body and the person’s movements. According to this principle the chairs are created with a welcoming seat, a stable structure and essential lines: an expression of lightness that originates from the designer’s inspiration and which makes its way through visual and finally physical sensations. Isabel Cattelan Italia chair is the perfect example. 

Cattelan Italia beds

Rest is fundamental for the psychophysical well-being of the individual and that is why Cattelan Italia dedicates an extreme care for the beds design and the bedroom compositions. Proportion, order, and balance: these are the essential conditions for creating the right atmosphere to relax and recover all the energy needed to express yourself during the day. Nelson Cattelan Italia bed adapts to any style of bedroom thanks to its graceful proportions without weighing down or dulling the rooms; versatility is also found in the possibility of choosing between 7 different sizes.


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