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Dedon reflects the nature of its founder. Highest level quality and values are highlighted by an award-winning portfolio, which offers outdoor furniture with an innovative design. Excellence derives from very strict standards, followed by every stage of the production process: the secret of success is a close-knit teamwork.

Dedon furnishings aim to make outdoor domestic environments live according to the ideal of inclusion. Inclusion in the natural background surrounding the house but also inclusion from the social relationships point of view. The objective is to offer guests the opportunity to feel part of a close-knit group, to feel at home, because “home” is not just four walls, but the set of stories that we live every day: the intertwinement that binds us more to one person than to another. A significance hidden in the woven fiber of Dedon sofas: modular lounges with comfortable and extended seating, suitable to host a large group of friends, as well as a big and united family. MU is the product of Toan Nguyen’s inspiration, a Zen collection whose meaning is “reduced to pure essence”.

Dedon: style, innovation and quality for outdoor furniture

Dedon is synonymous with a revolution in outdoor furniture. The invention comes from the mind of Bobby Dekeyser, who, in 1990 created a synthetic fiber capable of resisting weathering without losing tone, elasticity or color. Dedon was born concurrently with the development of the idea to produce and distribute woven outdoor furniture. The brand immediately established itself as a major player in luxury outdoor furniture, so much so that it established its headquarters in Cebu Island, a small island in the Philippines, inhabited by the best master weavers of the five Continents. 

Dedon outdoor is distinguished by the handcrafted production of each piece of furniture, which is made by the hand-weaving technique, with hand-woven synthetic fiber.

Exclusive and original weaves distinguish each piece of Dedon furniture, which in 2002 produced two collections, Orbit and Lounge, introducing the Outdoor Living Room concept. The two Dedon collections met with international success, so much so that the group started several showrooms scattered around the world such as. At the Salone del Mobile Dedon Milan, the group presents its suspended lounger, which is received as a sensational idea. The company's success continues with the SEAX seat. It is followed by other innovations and other successes whose comfort can be tested inside our Dedon dealer.

Dedon: furniture that comes from the meeting of natural elements and human cultures

Dedon's R&D department has always been inspired by nature to create furniture that is in harmony with the environment and human beings. The lines, developed by Dedon for its furniture, are soft and sinuous and, at the same time, essential, respecting the contemporary lifestyle. Maximum attention is then paid to the quality of the raw materials of fabrics, Italian aluminum and high-end teak, as well as glass and ceramics. 

What distinguishes Dedon outdoor from other outdoor furniture companies remains the fiber designed by the company, which is completely environmentally friendly. In fact, Dedon fiber has unprecedented longevity, just as unprecedented is its resistance to weathering. Incredible is the perception it offers to the touch, and if you decide to replace a Dedon piece of furniture, you will do so in a sustainable way: the fiber is non-toxic, and by burning, you are sure to produce a result similar to lighting a candle. Completing the picture of Dedon are the people at work in its factories: the meeting of different cultures and techniques, in fact, makes it possible to obtain furnishings that are a concentrate of techniques and experiences, giving rise to creations that are one of a kind, both in terms of weaving and craftsmanship.


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