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Dedon reflects the nature of its founder. Highest level quality and values are highlighted by an award-winning portfolio, which offers outdoor furniture with an innovative design. Excellence derives from very strict standards, followed by every stage of the production process: the secret of success is a close-knit teamwork.

Dedon furnishings aim to make outdoor domestic environments live according to the ideal of inclusion. Inclusion in the natural background surrounding the house but also inclusion from the social relationships point of view. The objective is to offer guests the opportunity to feel part of a close-knit group, to feel at home, because “home” is not just four walls, but the set of stories that we live every day: the intertwinement that binds us more to one person than to another. A significance hidden in the woven fiber of Dedon sofas: modular lounges with comfortable and extended seating, suitable to host a large group of friends, as well as a big and united family. MU is the product of Toan Nguyen’s inspiration, a Zen collection whose meaning is “reduced to pure essence”.

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