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Edra was founded in Perignano, Tuscany, in 1987, and is now famous all over the world for the excellent quality of its residential interior design solutions, which are a perfect combination of artistic tradition, technological research, valuable materials and craftsmanship. Over these years of endless product development, Edra has managed to build a clear corporate identity based on its vision: combining beauty with personal wellbeing.

Founded by Valerio and Monica Mazzei, the second generation of a family of pioneering furniture designers, Edra instantly stood out for its philosophy: staking it all on exclusive products, made to last, that do not give in to the latest trends.

This has led the company to design sofas and other items so accurately that they can be considered to be unique, distinctive pieces, made to be passed down from generation to generation as heirlooms.

Innovation and design, the true allure of ideas

Francesco Binfarè is the name that could tell it all; the Compasso d'Oro for his career is one of the references in more than 30 years of collaborations. Genius but also sensitivity to change are the traits that describe the iconic creations signed by Edra; Flap, On the Rocks and Grande Soffice are just some of the creations that have marked the history of design. The rest is in the concreteness of materials and technologies that combine ergonomics with beauty in a product that is pleasing in its combinations but above all comfortable in use. Edra sofas add style to the home concept.

Edra armchairs, the collections that look beyond

Edra sofas and armchairs but also beds, tables and chairs constitute just some of the forms that interpret the brand's concept. They start from the essential lines, regular in form but at the same time elegant, to aspire to the extravagance of design that can provoke. However, the story is not based on originality alone; behind it is the skillful craftsmanship that grants the forms balance with beauty. This is how Fernando and Humberto Campana's Boa wraps in the seat with a concept of style that unites in the comfort of a superior product.

The search for comfort goes hand in hand with the study of materials for the creation of luxury furniture made in Italy; detail can therefore make a difference even in collections of chairs and beds. Creations such as the Corallo Bed elaborate the stylistic concept and reproduce it in a form that is both dynamic and appealing. The study of design is reflected in the designs of chairs and tables, granting art all the utility it can express. It is the containers and accessories that redeem the beautiful from the concept of the "not very functional": Edra elevates ideas into a concrete dimension, beautiful to live with, establishing itself as a producer of high quality Italian furniture.


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