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With its strong Italian roots, over over 70 years of history, EMU has developed an international awareness and interest that make its outside furniture collections suitable for every situation, in both the business and the private sector. The company is present throughout the world, enjoying growing success, thanks to the comfort and elegance of its products, with their strong design, expressed in harmony with the recognisable shapes and identity of its collections made in steel and aluminium, combined with innovative technological materials.

Mastery of the most advanced technologies in the production process, the keen attention to detail and the quality of manufacturing and the products, and the ability to develop new manufacturing techniques creating solutions that enhance the continuity and purity of lines and shapes, are all hallmarks of every EMU product.

Some of the most famous international designers such as Sebastian Herkner, Arik Levy, Christophe Pillet, Paola Navone, Patricia Urquiola, Jean Marie Massaud, Stefan Diez, Jean Nouvel, lo studio Chiaramonte/Marin, Florent Coirier, Lucidi/Pevere, Patrick Norguet, Emanuel Gargano con Anton Cristell e lo studio Angeletti e Ruzza, work with Emu on the creation of its collections, with a constant exchange of experience and ideas to best interpret and anticipate style trends, contributing to their distribution and consolidating their position on the market.

EMU Group is an Italian excellence company active in the production of outdoor furniture. During its more than 70-year history, the company has distinguished itself through its high-quality solutions under the banner of the best made in Italy. Success in the peninsula has allowed the company to make its way in the rest of the world, where it is present in more than 85 countries, with the aim of carrying forward aspects such as tradition, technology and sustainability.

All-Italian production

The company was founded in Umbria in the 1950s and since then has concentrated its production in the Marsciano plant, where every stage of the work takes place, from conception to final assembly. The products are designed to furnish any type of outdoor space with class and foresight, regardless of size, so that it can be fully utilized. Whether it is to create a relaxing area with loungers and umbrellas or to bring to life an area designed for dining, EMU Group has everything needed to please customers, with pieces that can be chosen from numerous variations, both in terms of lines and colors. To further beautify one's space, one can opt for scenic planters and functional outdoor lighting items that are resistant to breakage, abrasion and water. The more discerning will certainly appreciate the modular systems, which can be customized by the customer to make separates, storage units and countertops to make the garden even more unique and comfortable.

Shine collection
Tiki collection
Apero collection
Holly collection
Carousel collection
Tami collection
Como collection
Nef collection
Riviera collection
Mom collection
Ronda-X collection

Toward full sustainability

EMU Group aims to reduce the environmental impact of production through various methods. First and foremost, the company aims to make durable products, that is, products that will always prove relevant as the years go by and that are highly resistant to wear and tear, so as to avoid constant replacement by customers and related disposal. In addition, the Umbrian company makes exclusive use of 100 percent recyclable materials, including aluminum and steel, while as far as wood is concerned, raw materials obtained in strict compliance with the highest environmental standards are used. 

As for production, every process is carried out in in-house factories and strictly controlled, and the amount of plastic used for packaging is minimal, for which recyclable cardboard is preferred. And finally, the company has provided for the installation of a photovoltaic system capable of providing in a "green" way for electricity needs.


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