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Founded in Merano in 1962, Flos offers a wide range of products of indoor and outdoor lamps, with the aim of creating fully furnished environments both in shape and essence. The desire for innovation has allowed Flos to develop a series of technological skills over time, in addition to giving them a boost towards bold choices.

The experiments have never been lacking, since the beginning; in the 1950s, the two founders Dino Gavina and Cesare Cassina inserted the cocoon into production, thanks to the collaboration with Arturo Eisenkeil. The latter, a small producer of Merano, is inspired by the curious use of the cocoon resin seen in the United States and decides to use it on metal lampshades. Another important collaboration of this period is that with Castiglioni brothers.

In the 1960s the headquarters moved to Brescia under the leading of Sergio Gandini, who decided together with Cassina to try the international experience.The 1980s saw the involvement of a growing number of designers. In particular, the collaboration with Philippe Starck leads to a great turning point: his creation Miss Sissi Flos becomes in a few days one of the best-selling products ever. The 1990s are marked by the need to create products with new lines, able to communicate through innovative languages: the brand starts towards the creation of expressive objects, able to assert its own identity. This is materialized by the collaboration with Jasper Morrison, who creates the Glo-Ball collection. The family concept begins to express itself linked to the mass production of elements distinguished by type of use, but still recognizable among them.

Finally, the new millennium meets the application of LED technology. Among the pendent lamps the one with the most daring design is String Light Flos by Michael Anastassiades and  Arrangements: inspired by the concept of light as a jewel.  Among the proposals, the Flos catalog offers also table lamps: Snoopy was created by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni being inspired by the dog of the comic strips by Charles M. Schulz.  The clean and elegant design of Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni manifests itself perfectly through Arco, the floor lamp designed in 1962 that still seduces with its finely slender and almost immaterial shape. 

Flos lamps, a history brought to light

Flower, this is the translation of the Latin name. The concept is in the use of light to recreate the effect of beauty that nature offers spontaneously.It is an ever-youthful principle, hardly seeming to be born from the genius of Dino Gavina and Cesare Cassina back in 1962.Always one step ahead of the trends, Flos chandeliers and other creations have represented and still interpret the drive toward innovation. Study of new materials and collaborations with the right designers have resulted in iconic pieces for style: Arco, Taraxacum and Chiara are just a few examples.

Condensing design and styles into Flos lamps

When the right minds meet the confidence of an established brand, the results can aspire to the Olympus of quality. Four times the brand's signature creations have been awarded the prestigious Compasso d'Oro: Luminator in 1955, Parentesi in 1979, Drop in 1994 and May Day in 2001.Great ideas are those that come from enlightened minds; names that have made the history of style in furniture stand out here. Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Jasper Morrison, and Gino Sarfatti are among the authors of history; Patricia Urquiola, Vincent Van Duysen, and Nendo point toward the future.

Flos wall sconces and more, ideas and collections

Finding a Flos store in Milan as well as in New York can give you an idea of how much the brand is about excellence in the world. After all, speaking the language of light means communicating an art that lives.This is where the ideas behind the play of light among Flos lamps and pendants come from. Each creation appears suspended in time, an example are famous lines like Taccia and Toio: the secret of their success is simple, they are always current. This is the effect of deep research that, now as then, starts from the study of materials and designs.

Old and new collections alternate in a catalog completely disengaged from the traditional references of time, what counts is the dimension from which each project starts. Table, floor, suspension, wall and ceiling, outdoor lighting are the territories from which to draw the right inspiration. The lines range from the essential angles of Michael Anastassiades to the roundness in the designs signed by Jasper Morrison, each lamp offers its own concept of style. What do they have in common? A play of natural light, just like a flower.


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