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The foundation of Flou - which took place in 1978 - was based on the objective of producing beds of high intrinsic and formal quality, combined with the desire to introduce a new 'sleep culture'. It was a period of great social change: more women were going out to work, the homes required multi-functional spaces, there was the growing desire to live life with greater freedom and higher quality. The bedroom became somewhere more dynamic and the bed abandoned the traditional static all-white appearance and delighted dressing in colours.

Flou was ahead of its time and launched Nathalie, a bed designed by Maestro Vico Magistretti. A bed that combines innovative design and extreme practicality: a flick of the wrist and it is made. It became the mother of all ‘modern textile beds’, softly upholstered with removable and washable covers, it can be completed with brightly-colored duvets which replace sheets and bed covers: its success is immediate.

Since then Flou has continued its development and the expansion of its collection with beds, accessories and furnishing accessories designed by its Research & Development Department in collaboration with renowned designers, with the precise objective of improving comfort, wellness and quality of life.

Flou: style and comfort for the home

Nathalie, the bed designed by Vico Magistretti in the same year that the company was founded, was awarded the XXVI Compasso d'Oro by the Industrial Design Association in 2020. The Compasso d'Oro is a lifetime achievement award for a product that can be an example of functionality and poetics as well as an innovation in the textile bed industry. Nathalie was, among Flou sleeping systems, the true progenitor of modern beds, a concentrate of style, practicality of use and comfort.

Another Compasso d'Oro had already been awarded to Flou in 2004, this time, however, to the company's Career, again by the Italian Design Association. This Compasso d'Oro - as opposed to the 2020 Compasso d'Oro, which awards innovation in comfort technology produced with Flou Nathalie beds - is granted to the brand for the great contribution it has made in the enhancement of contemporary Italian design in the world. Today the company is led by Rosario Messina's children - Massimiliano, Cristina and Manuela - who first opened up to complete bedroom furniture and then to total living.

Flou: not only systems for sleeping

Flou is initially configured as the emblem of quality Made in Italy sleeping systems. The company's innovative and evolutionary drive has led it toward experimentation on the one hand and research on the other. In 2013 it launched Natevo, a total living system with integrated LED lights, to promote energy saving but also to transform light into an element that provides harmony and warmth. Flou beds, then, in addition to mattresses, pillows, comforters and toppers, are joined by Flou nightstands, marked by essential lines and shapes. 

To complete the sleeping areas of a home, there is no shortage of Flou armchairs, while for the living area the brand has designed several collections of sofas. Flou sofas are distinguished, yes, by contemporary design, but also by the quality of materials and practicality of use. In addition to traditional Flou sofas, it is possible to opt for Flou sofa beds, characterized by the same modern design and comfort technology that distinguishes the brand's beds.


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