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Industrial design: a definition that holds creative value, the search for intellectual components and at the same time reveals the dependence of industrial production. Henge products are 100% Made in Italy, therefore the result of the passion shared by many people and a way of thinking and producing appreciated and recognized by the whole world. Furniture designed today but made according to tradition by expert hands and with the support of the most modern technologies.

Henge produces various furnishing accessories for the domestic environment: tables, small tables, chairs, sofas, bookcases, sideboards, mirrors and lamps. Each object is unique, by type and materials used. The products created by Henge have a fluid design; therefore, they can fit freely in many stylistically different houses: they are strong furnishing elements, with a touch of delicacy.

The brand’s perspective is almost the opposite of industrial production, bound by rigid and precise rules, where there is little room for truly original creations. The production cycles, the time and the need to satisfy a very wide market, hold back creativity and experimentation. For this reason, Henge speaks of handmade creations when it comes to products created: the customization level is very high, up to unique creations. Sometimes certain products are designed and assembled for a single project or customer.

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