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Inkiostro bianco

A trademark, a workshop where creativity flows on walls and floors and where inspiration comes from a continuous research process and from the contamination between styles, materials and ways of thinking. Its specialization is the production of continuous surfaces as well as artistic and customizable decorations and its aim is the reinterpretation of classic wallpaper. 

Removing the decoration, the surface is naked. A blank space waiting for an identity. The identity originates from the cooperation of a pool of artists and designers, who work in a continuous exchange of ideas and suggestions from each sector of our experience: fashion, art, design, architecture, urban buildings, natural materials, textiles etc. 

A complete outfit for the rooms (floor, wall, ceiling, pieces of furniture): Inkiostro Bianco can give a completely new look to every space. Every project is a unique experiment carried out with proficiency and extreme care for details. An expert advice is the first step towards the expression of your own style: the total look of the surfaces determines a radical and unexpected change.

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