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Ligne Roset

Founded in 1860 by Antoine Roset, Ligne Roset is a typical example of the development of craft industry threatened by the march of progress. In 1880 Antonie Roset placed in Montagnieu, an ideal place for the Company because it can benefits from the proximity of the beech’s forest, from the “Chartreuse de Portes” and from the hydraulic force produced by the water mill on the river “La Brivaz”. 

The Company specializes itself, in the course of the years, in the manufacture of sticks and umbrellas in curved wood.  Meanwhile, the evolution of habits will force Roset to transform its business and concentrate in the manufacture of wooden chairs and sofas. In 1936, the company produced the first Roset sofas and, since 1946 it’s geared towards the modern upholstered furniture. Among the various qualities of the Company, in addition to a great creativity of its collections, there are a strong focus on the environment that is expressed in words such as eco-design, recycling, use of sustainable materials, waste recovery and reduction of industrial pollution.

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