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Maxalto is a brand that belongs to B&B Italia group, one of the best-known companies in the world of furniture and design. In 1975 the group chose to create another company, aiming to support its main activities: this is how Maxalto was born, a brand that immediately found its own precise identity. While B&B Italia creates home, office and outdoor environments, Maxalto focuses exclusively on the production of high-profile furniture items. Sofas, armchairs, tables and beds: each of these objects is made with the utmost care.

Every aspect of the products is analyzed down to the smallest details, from the initial idea to its creation. The design of various Maxalto furniture is refined and elegant: it fully expresses the sophisticated esprit of the brand. The utmost attention is paid to production: all products are an expression of the perfect balance between craftsmanship and industrial technologies. A combination that gives life to excellent quality products, both in terms of aesthetic-quality and technical-functional. Each piece is taken care of in every detail, from the choice of materials to the final finishing touch.

Another characteristic of Maxalto is the continuous stylistic and technological research. With the support and inspiration of the main company, B&B Italia, the brand supports the collaboration between designers and technicians: the spaces dedicated to research are a place where one can and must aspire to the most. The aim is to create products and collections of an ever-increasing quality.

Basically, Maxalto is characterized by high quality materials and excellent workmanship, two concepts highlighted by the name: the meaning of the brand is in fact “the highest” and derives from the term “massa alto”, in the Venetian dialect. A perfect brand for those who simply want exclusive and sophisticated environments. To receive more information on prices, products and furniture projects signed by Maxalto, please contact us for an estimate with no obligation.

Maxalto: sofas defined by a sophisticated taste

Maxalto sofas have a unique style. They stand out for their refined and elegant yet functional contemporary design. The sofa is the centerpiece of the living room, a place for recreation and relaxation, so first of all it must be welcoming and comfortable: Maxalto sofas fully satisfy these characteristics. Each element is evaluated down to the smallest detail: the fabrics used are exclusive, expertly worked, while the seams are made by excellent designers. Those who prefer leather sofas also have the certainty that the leather used comes only from European farms, an element that on paper guarantees greater respect for animal life. 

In addition, Maxalto sofas are totally Made in Italy: they are made with the cold-foamed polyurethane technology and are equipped with a solid iron frame. The technology was created by B&B Italia and thanks to the collaboration between the two brands, Maxalto sofas are guaranteed for 10 years. Finally, in addition to the official collections, Maxalto also supports the artisan work of its own products: flexibility that allows the company to meet the needs of various customers, who can also choose customized furniture. For more information, please contact us.

Maxalto tables: in the spirit of conviviality

An essential element in every home, the table can take different shapes and functions: it can be the dining room table, where you can enjoy a meal in good company, or it can be the living room table, which will therefore be small and not the central element compared to the room. When you are about to choose a table you have to consider many elements, including: the destination room, the use and the location inside the room. Maxalto tables are available for every use and are made of different materials.

For the kitchen, the brand recommends practical materials, easy to clean and resistant to various substances used in the kitchen, such as food and beverages. Like all Maxalto furnishings, the tables are characterized by the exceptional quality materials: marble, glass and wood. Whatever the desired material, our experts will give you the right advice to furnish the home environment according to the Maxalto style, with a contemporary and sophisticated taste at the same time. Please contact us for more information on tables.


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