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A habitat to protect responsibility from a domestic and global perspective: Novamobili takes care of its future buyers through eco-sustainables choices, both in the use of materials and in the reduction of environmental impact during production processes. The furnishing philosophy is based on modularity to allow maximum freedom in organizing the spaces. The modular systems allow the creation of the most diverse bookcase structures, as well as open cabinets and wall units.

We find modular elements also in the sofa collection: the unit furniture allows multiple solutions in the setting of living rooms. Floor or wall cupboards complete the design through open or closed compartments and ranging between the most particular chromatic plays. Remaining in the living area, the TV wall panels were created based on a cutting-edge modular solution, to be combined with a wall equipped with compartments or sliding doors. Among the furnishing accessories offered by the Novamobili catalog, wardrobes are those that express the company’s philosophy in the best way possible: flexibility and organization of space can in fact be transformed into artistic expression. The swing door wardrobe is the one with the most classic setting, but Novamobili studio has also been able to give personality to this structure. This is the case of Alfa models, in the Intono and Curvo versions. The doors of Alfa Curvo are eclectic and dynamic: the volume is enhanced by real curved modules that draw soft and sinuous lines inside the bedroom.Break is the most surprising cabinets of Novamobili; the walk-in closet can be equipped with LED-lights rear shelves, which create a very special visual effect.Tape is the Novamobili bed that shrouds you and invites you to fall asleep in the warmth of the blankets or in the cool of the sheets. An essential role in the customization process is played by ornaments: details that can be inserted and replaced without constraints, the expression of the changing creativity of the owners.


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