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Paola Lenti

The creations signed by Paola Lenti give life to homogeneous settings, whose elements communicate through color. Since 1994 the company has found its strengths in continuous research and experimentation, always with an eye to the Made in Italy traditions. Technology plays an important role in the production of indoor and outdoor furnishing elements. All materials used are eco-friendly, in line with a production that aims to protect the environment: every business result also represents an interest for the community.
The wood that is used for the structures of chairs, sofas and other accessories comes from forests managed in a sustainable manner; the coatings of each product, as well as the carpets, are absolutely free of toxic substances.

Paola Lenti sofas experiment new shapes that fit perfectly with modular seating. The Uptown indoor sofa with soft and welcoming shapes, offers a feeling of comfort at first sight. This perception is confirmed by touch: the polyester upholstery consists of a textile structure that is both soft and resistant. Through different combinations of colors you can give more or less dynamism to the rooms. Island, an outdoor sofa with a steel structure, follows the same principles, projecting them towards functionality suitable to integrate with nature: the same upholstery is designed to withstand atmospheric agents and does not absorb water or humidity. With Paola Lenti poufs it is possible to create unexpected dynamic correspondences through their variations of shape, color and texture.


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