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The outdoor furniture proposed by Roda is designed to blend with nature: the color of the materials allows the creation of unexpected scenarios; it is not the furniture that wants to reach the external environment, but the opposite. When the meeting takes shape, the time comes to establish a harmonious connection, which is made possible thanks to the fact that the furnishing elements and the landscape speak the same language: a language of symbols, represented by fabrics and refined materials. As for a real language, the position of the elements gives balance, communicates and creates. With Roda, the garden furniture represents the grammar for interior designers who delight in creating ever new poetry.
The garden sofas proposed by Roda outline plots with multiple implications: each customer has the opportunity to tell their story through a specific choice of layout. The protagonist of the story is always the sofa that weaves the thread of the events that take place around it.Among the most popular models, the Dandy sofa is proposed in a breathable and weather resistant stage costume; it is a completely removable furnishing element, available in many fabrics and chromatic varieties. Its modularity makes it suitable for improvising in the middle of the performance: each of the possible compositions allows a change of course always new in the plot. 

If the undisputed protagonists of Roda furnishings are sofas, armchairs and poufs the tables are the co-stars; as a right-hand man who accompany and handles the lines to the main character and then colors the scene, the Roda tables find their ideal space right next to the sofas. In an outdoor setting a table creates continuity: it delimits the most dynamic area, it is the support base for different activities and at the same time requires the presence of a chair; a game of references to useful and pleasant, just like a theatrical representation that teaches and allows you to wander with the mind. Tables are the elements that best express purity through geometric shapes. Their part should not overwhelm that of the sofas but raise and enhance it; this is possible through a well-studied combination of materials. The Flat table offers a meeting between different materials that communicate in an exciting way, continually enriching each other.


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