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Three hundred fifty materials, 50 different wood species, more than 50 colours, 50 from marble to natural stone, five depths, and five heights. The array of combinations is almost infinite, and no two kitchen projects are ever the same. Spaces, volumes, dimensions, details, finishes, arrangements, functionalities, interior fittings, and combinations, are always different and make each project truly unique. This is what TM Italia means by 'tailoring’.
TM Italia has made respect for diversity the backbone of its success in international markets.

Over sixty years of entrepreneurial culture and know-how. Kitchen projects rigorously made to measure with carefully selected materials, processed by the skilled hands of experts, applying the latest technologies. Each project represents a new starting point for the enrichment of TM Italia’s craft and manufacturing experience, its technological research and its ability to offer innovative and original solutions to its customers. Because uniqueness is born from diversity.

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