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VERSACE HOME FURNITURE 2021: a new creative vision. Versace Home’s partnership with Lifestyle Design further enhances the brand’s vision: fusing the recognizable design with the incredible savoir-faire and years of furniture-making experience. Brand DNA – colors, prints and iconic symbols – are given a contemporary treatment and translated into interiors. Versace’s unmistakable attitude is transferred into bedrooms, living and dining rooms, as well as outdoor areas. The Venus armchair is a tribute to iconic Versace ready-to-wear and accessories. The asymmetric design is embellished with a gleaming zip on reverse adorned with a signature Medusa plaque. Golden steel finishing touches reference the brand’s penchant for hardware. An ode to Versace sensuality, the contemporary sofa boasts curved lines that reference the silhouette of iconic leather jackets. The Goddess sofa is available in two or three seater versions, modular with central or side elements, chaise longue and pouf. Clean lines, bold colors and expert craftsmanship characterize the Stiletto Cabinet designs.

The lacquered wood construction is balanced with extra-clear, stratified glass elements. Cabinet doors boast a variety of Versace’s signature prints – Virtus, Jungle, Medusa Amplified, and Trésor de la Mer. Medusa handles add the perfect finishing touch. The new Versace Home flagship and showroom in Milan in Via Durini 11, opened in collaboration with Interni, is structured like a real home. The store features an entrance hall, dining room, long corridors and a master suite comprising a bedroom and sitting room. In true Versace fashion, the interior opens to a secret garden. Boutique walls are decorated with symmetrical frames. Gold leaf accents serve as a backdrop to display bookcases. Playful contrasts can be found in the curtains: the fabric is replaced with wire mesh panels that reference an industrial style, paying homage to Versace’s fabric explorations. Gold tones permeate the space, while the graphic Greca pattern adds continuity to the space.

Versace Home: not only clothes but also accessories that dress the home

Versace Home is an integral part, if not the natural evolution, of what is known as the fashion house that has marked the history of international haute couture. The fashion house opened to the world in 1978 when Gianni Versace Srl was founded by the unforgettable patron and designer, Gianni Versare. The brand is distinguished by its refinement, elegance, color combinations, design ready to write the fashion trends from year to year, and materials, luxurious and precious, as well as, of the times extravagant.

In addition to clothes, initially intended for Her and then also for Him, the company juxtaposes accessories, handbags, footwear, and again eyewear and jewelry, and then also focuses on home furnishings and accessories.

In 1997, the passing of Gianni Versace forced the passing of the fashion house to Donatella Versace. The iconic medusa began to stand out with a bold and original style, which also took the form of Versace Home. There are about 180 Versace Home flagship stores worldwide while the number of boutiques that house the brand's signature garments and accessories has reached 1,500. Beginning in 2014, while holding 80 percent of the company with Donatella, Santo and Allegra Versace Beck holding leading roles, Versace Home sold part of the shares to the Blackstone Group and then sold the company in 2018 to the Michael Kors Limited Group. Today, Gianni Versace Srl is part of the Capri Holdings Limited group along with Michael Kors and the other solid group distinguished by the Jimmy Choo brand.

Versace Home: luxury and glamour for rooms

The Versace Home Collection is a concentrate of style, quality and trends that can distinguish among a thousand, the environments of a home, as well as the spaces intended for work. In fact, already by reaching the Versace Home Milano store it is possible to get an idea of how to set up the living spaces, giving them a touch of refinement and luxurious preciousness starting from the accessories and fabrics intended for the bathroom, to continue with those intended for the bedroom. 

There is no shortage of furnishing accessories, such as vases and fabrics, ideal for creating glam atmospheres in the living area as well. Luxurious, however, does not mean unsustainable. Versace Home, in fact, is committed to the search for creative and productive solutions that are sustainable for the environment and devoted to the lowest possible energy consumption. For this very reason it selects only traceable materials and uses responsibly managed sources, making itself a protagonist of the circular economy.

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