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Established in 1954, Zanotta is one of the recognized leaders in Italian industrial design. Guided by the insight and wonderful entrepreneurship abilities of the founder, Aurelio Zanotta, starting from the 1960s it won and has held the international spotlight, thanks to its products: these are emblematic from the viewpoint of formal innovation as well as of technological research, aiming at a continuous evolution in the materials quality and in the production processes.

Zanotta’s success finds its roots in the concept of “continuity”. Continuity as a link with the past, as the ability to recognize today the commitment and values that have given life to the symbols of Italian design in the last century. Continuity in the qualitative features of products that remain intact over time: durability of the materials and the eco-compatibility, a continuum that makes the brand reliable and influential. Continuity is the leitmotif in the collaborations with internationally renowned designers and in not setting limits to multicultural and international influences. Continuity also means knowing how to act today to anticipate the future needs of the public. Zanotta is the perfect solution for those looking for furnishing elements that care for every detail: armchairs, sofas, beds, storage units, bookcases, chairs and tables are the manifest expression of an unmistakable prestige.

Design is research, always in step

Zanotta poufs represent one of the icons of Italian style, creations from the famous signature make the school of design. The care in designs comes from collaborations with names such as Marco Zanuso, Bruno Munari, De Pas, D'Urbino and Lomazzi. The art of luxury furniture points to innovation, earns historic awards and enters the permanent exhibitions of 56 museums worldwide. Four Compasso d'Oro are an unattainable goal for many, the brand makes it a constant starting point that pushes the collections in the direction of innovative experimentation. Tradition and creative art come together and translate desires into new forms.

Zanotta sofas but not only, the collections

Not only sofas but also Zanotta armchairs are real objects of desire. Much is due to constant work on forms, ergonomics becomes careful care of the lines to find the right interpretation of design. The effect is that fine craftsmanship is elevated to the art of relaxation. Sinuous forms for an enveloping encounter are often the leading threads of the collections, desks but also Zanotta consoles and tables make roundness an appealing point of contrast. The push toward the future is a recurring constant, timeless in time.

Starting with Zanotta's classic coffee table is the way to delve inside a world that furnishes rooms in a transversal way: beds but also coffee tables and bedside tables, design armchairs and furnishing accessories are a living part of it. Here materials are an essential element, the medium that makes the experience usable but above all able to stand the test of time. Good ideas need the quality to back them up; here, design craftsmanship must come together with the artisan ability to shape projects. The result furnishes and captivates.


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