“Places that people enjoy living in.” Dori Hitti, Interni, and the Jumeirah Dubai beachfront villa

Award-winning Lebanese interior decorator Dori Hitti is well known for designing beautiful and high-quality interiors. 

With a style characterized by minimalism and a timeless contemporaneity, he takes on a wide range of commissions, from luxury villas to hotels and yachts. “I always design places that people enjoy living in as much as they enjoy looking at,” Hitti said while talking about the Jumeirah Dubai beachfront villa, a project he realized together with Interni in 2019. 

The villa is a unique cantilever building designed with a minimalistic approach. Interiors and exteriors are blended together so well that inhabitants can move in and out without feeling any difference, thanks to carefully designed lighting: “Light is an important element in my design, especially natural light: I always make room for it.” Marble—one of Hitti’s favorite materials, along with glass and metal—is the main material: “I think it’s very important to master the harmony between all of these materials to reach a sense of homogeneity. Interni is the perfect partner because we have the same sensitivity.” Warm and coordinated colors were chosen for the Parklex in combination with stone for the outdoor patio and Bisazza tiles for the pool.
The interiors are fitted with carefully selected furniture creating a luxurious feeling: “in my work I give utter importance to details.” Together with the Interni Creative Team, Dori Hitti selected pieces from Poltrona Frau, Baxter, Henge, Cassina, B&B italia and Dedon. “What I appreciate in working with Interni, besides its very professional staff, is their selection of brands, which is very versatile.” Asked about the next big trend in interior design, Hitti answered that in the future he sees «vintage and classical pieces combined with sleek contemporary architecture for a timeless effect.”


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