The projects all have a soul and a body. The ideas that gave them birth are their soul. They are the authors' reflections, dreams or visions. The forms are the bodies that the stories take on.

Right from the start, Edra stood out for its innovative and independent spirit, for the experimentation of new materials and for the design of contemporary domestic landscapes. The products of its collection are the result of a process that is born from dialogue and takes the shape of objects that interact with space and people, answering to a specific need: to guarantee the well-being of man and his comfort, aiming for elegance, perfection, accuracy and efficiency, rather than trends and novelties. 

Thanks to this philosophy, the projects that make up Edra’s catalogue do not follow a stylistic line, but all have a strong personality and are united by quality and the pursuit of beauty.

Edra, On the rocks
Edra, On the rocks
On The Rocks, the free-spirited sofa, tells of hot summer afternoons spent sunbathing lying on the cliffs overlooking the sea. It has a backrest that can be moved freely on the seat and his heart in Gellyfoam® welcomes any posture. Edra covers it with a special, three-dimensional fabric, which enhances its shape and simulates the soft moss that covers the rocks.
Edra, Standard
Standard is a theatrical piece, a stage on which people move and take their seats, freely interpreting their character thanks to the “Smart Cushion” technology.
Edra, Grande soffice
Edra, Grande soffice
Edra, Grande soffice
Grande Soffice instead comes from the apparently simple idea of transforming the image that is generated in the mind when we think of the word "sofa". Thanks to the special structures that combine with the padding, the new idea of comfort it conveys is a tribute to the softness that uses technology to make the experience of rest and sociality unique.

Edra products enter inhabited spaces not only by adapting to the environment and people, but by telling beautiful, valuable stories to be handed down from generation to generation, which bring a piece of the world into our homes or which make ours a home-world.


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