The made in italy in the world for 90 years


Interni celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. The story of the Interni Brand and the three generations of the Cazzaniga family that have created it, is closely linked to the international success of Made in Italy design.

Its strenght has been the visionary intelligence of its founder, along with the determination and the courage to take on demanding challenges. As regards the family, one can add the good fortune to have been born in a part of Italy where the artisan tradition and industrial development have long know how to create products of excellence.  Mobilificio Brianteo was the original name of the firm established in 1933 by Leonardo Cazzaniga and his wife Giulia Citterio, whose considerable talent and intuition enabled them to forsee market trends before anyone else.

Leonardo Cazzaniga and Giulia Citterio
Mobilificio Brianteo

When it was announced that an iron and steel industrial zone linked to the Dalmine Foundry was to be opened just outside Bergamo, they had the bright idea of opening a sales point in that very location and later to open their first high street shop in the centre of Bergamo. This was happening in the 1970s, a time when Italian design had already become a widespread and consolidated reality; individual artisanship was giving way to industrial processes, and new materials and ways of working were being introduced into the production process. Thus also the sales side began to look for ways to adapt to the changes. It was in those years that the Mobilificio Brianteo changed its name to what is today, Interni. This choice was a way of looking ahead.

Interni Verano Brianza architectural detail
Interni Verano Brianza internal set-up
Interni Verano Brianza entrance portico
Interni Bergamo first showroom in City

The 80s were the years in which the second generation, Leonardo and Giulia's four children - Luisa, Luigi, Giuseppe and Antonio, came aboard, developing another significant milestone: the opening, in the center of Milan of Arclinea, a single-brand store, focusing exclusively on kitchens, choosing not to use their name Interni, but rather to privilege the brand that rapresented a world in trasformation. Later on, the multi-brand Interni store opened in Corso Venezia and, after the turn of the century, the current store in Via Turati.

second generation Luigi, Luisa, Giuseppe and Antonio Cazzaniga
Fist single-brand store Arclinea in Milan
Multibrand Interni Corso Venezia, Milan
Luisa Cazzaniga seconda generazione

Today Interni is led by the third generation of Cazzaniga family. The new headquarter named "Interni Design Factory" is a perfect example of  how Interni ha succeeded to combine tradion and innovation. A space where happly confluence creative elements: managerial intuition, interaction with designers, cabinet making skills, industrial experimentation, artisan savoir faire.

Stefano Cazzaniga Interni's CEO
Interni design Factory lounge
Giuseppe and Antonio Cazzaniga Talk in corporate event
Interni's team 2019
Francesca Cazzaniga third generation
Corporate event in collaboration with Edra, 2022
Interni design Factory materials gallery
Simone Cazzaniga Terza generazione

The 90th anniversary represents not only an important achievement, but also a moment of great renewal and bold challenges. In a design world that’s constantly evolving, the company has proven its ability to catch opportunities by opening new mono-brand stores and carrying out some outstanding projects, with an eye on the expanding new markets.   

Its efforts and passion for innovation are acknowledged both nationally and internationally and this keeps pushing Interni forward. The future is a land to explore, a story to write with bravery and creativity and the company is ready to accept any forthcoming challenge.  Its story teaches us that only by looking at the future with vision and determination can you build a successful path that’s always inspiring and amazing. 


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