Interni Design Experience. The art of creating unique spaces

Discovering the true essence of Interni Design Experience is a journey that takes you to new dimensions of beauty and creativity.

We asked Massimo Castagna –architecture and interior designer, advisor of some of the best furniture companies- what are the main elements making Interni Design Experience unique and meaningful.

The collaboration between Castagna and Interni represents the perfect combination between two industry excellences, where the architect’s passion for material research and his vision of design meet Interni’s unique experience and network, creating an unprecedented turnkey service.

“I’ve been working with Interni for many years now. I think I contributed to the idea of the design experience. The design experience was inspired by the great masters, by their need to design interiors beyond furniture, diving deep into the materials, finishing, floors and upholsteries of a home’s mood.”

Interni Design Experience is a service born and conceived for those in search for uncompromised excellence, a top-level custom experience. Design Experience, in fact, means trusting a professional team to make every detail precious, for a completely unique project.

The Design Experience connects countries, cultures, Italian craftsmen and designers, in an exclusive network. A perfect direction, by Interni, providing its entire world to the making of a project aimed at excellence. A synergy that grants access to a wide range of resources and competences, and unprecedented results. 

Signature Edition

“Interni and I share some of the most peculiar aspects of my way of seeing architecture. The passion for materials’ research, the focus on custom-made items, the ability of interpreting the needs and dreams of the end customer.”

From the metric surveys, to the production of working drawings, from the research for the most exclusive materials’ samples, to the realization of hyperrealistic renderings, Interni grants maximum effectiveness, by sharing the moments of creativity and decision-making.

Interni autonomously manages all the steps of the project, selecting and leading the craftsmen’s team and dialoguing with the best Brands, selected for the supply. From the best marble caves, to the most refined local craftsmanship, the Design Experience allows customers to be involved in every choice, also visiting with the architect the best workshops, getting the chance of seeing the project coming together with their own eyes.

“We made homes all over the world: Singapore, Taipei, Arab countries, Dubai, Doha, Bahrein, then Turkey, London, Switzerland, France and the U.S., working with the best architects in the world.”

A service conceived for those who want to go beyond the boundaries of luxury, providing the customer with a multifaceted high-profile team, aimed at the absolute originality of the project. 

“I have no limits in dealing with new design challenges, every obstacle becomes an opportunity to create something extraordinary. I like to create spaces that are perfectly integrated into their context, while expressing my artistic vision, at once”. 


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